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Finding YOUR Financial Security?

Bruce and Sabrena had different views on money when they married. They had a hard time agreeing on what...

Empty Stomach, Starving Brain

At 14, David had a rough life. He lost his home and parents in a typhoon and went to...

“Mama. Our House Has No Jesus!”

Six-year-old Hom Dang started attending a Sunday school class at a Christian church near his home in Thailand where...

Ismail’s Escape from Syria

As Ismail walked home from school, bombs exploded around him and thugs stormed through the streets of Homs, Syria....

Sailor Chooses Higher Calling

Wallie, a Navy chaplain’s assistant, felt called to pursue a career chaplaincy. That meant months of financial hardship while...

Too Sick to Feed Her Kids

There was nothing Achia wouldn’t do to care for her sons, including chopping wood and planting and working the...

Ready for Your Financial Turnaround?

John was living the high life with his six-figure salary. Then he nearly lost it all when the market...

Are You a Slave to Debt?

May was in debt for most of her life due to credit cards and poor management. But she learned...

Hobby Lobby CEO Reaps the Benefits of Generosity

Hobby Lobby CEO David Green started his company in his garage and believes living generously resulted in a better...

Week of Prayer 2017 – Day 3: Christy Wimber

A look at CBN's special Week of Prayer service from April 26, 2017 with author Christy Wimber.

The Secret to Real Change In Your Life

Author Christy Wimber shares how true change takes sacrifice, sweat and suffering.

Experience True Change In Your Life

Author Christy Wimber discusses how true change takes sacrifice, sweat and suffering.

Week of Prayer 2017 – Day 2: Daniel Kolenda

A look at CBN's special Week of Prayer service from April 25, 2017 with evangelist Daniel Kolenda.

Move Mountains with Prayer

President and CEO of Christ for All Nations, Daniel Kolenda, shares about worship and how prayer is changing lives.

Criminal Son Finds Redemption Through Mother’s Prayers

A wayward child and a watchful mother both know they are running out of time. See how a mother’s...

Discover the Mountain-Moving Power of the Gospel

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda discusses how worship and prayer can change lives and move mountains.

Baseball Youth Loses Arm in Freak Accident

When a 12-year-old baseball player loses his arm in an accident, it's a race against the clock to reattach it.

Parents Lean on Faith in Fight for Unborn Daughter’s Life

20 weeks into her pregnancy, doctors said Sandy's daughter wouldn't survive a birth defect. But God had given Sandy...