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The Forgotten

Kenneth Bae an American Missionary was convicted and Sentence to 15yrs of hard labor in a North Korea work...

Opera Singer: God Made Me Whole

Morris Robinson was a football standout who, after working a decade in sales and feeling unfulfilled, he found doors...

Olympian Skeet Shooter: God Made Me Faithful

Vincent Hancock was chasing gold as his wife quietly encouraged him to trust God for his success. His performance...

Life Comes Together After It All Falls Apart

Author Riva Tims shares how God restored her life and ministry after a difficult divorce.

Christian Persecution and Genocide

Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow discusses the rise of Christian persecution and...

Making America Great Again

Author of, “The Deplorables Guide to Making America Great Again,” Todd Starnes discusses the current political climate stifling our nation.

Haunted, Alone, and Yearning for Love

Born out of wedlock, Anita believed she was unwanted by both her parents and God. When a thrilling dare...

Ending the Pretending

In a family full of facades, Esther Fleece, learned from a young age to keep secrets and fake her...

No More Faking Fine

Author Esther Fleece shares her story of childhood trauma, abuse, and discusses how she found healing.

Choose to Redefine Your Life

A convicted felon turned successful CEO, Jay Couhglan says five bold choices can redefine your life.

Redefine Your Life

Convict turned CEO, Jay Coughlan shares how he lost his father while driving drunk, and how he accepted Christ...

Now Is The Time For Fighting Fear

Author and speaker Kelly Balarie says it’s time to fight our tendency to live in fear.

Search for Acceptance Leads to All the Wrong Places

Jamie's mother sent him to Puerto Rico to keep him out of gang life, unknowingly delivering him into the...

Shattered Life Becomes “Unbroken"

Wendy Roache thought she was married to Mr. Wonderful, but he turned out to be her worst nightmare!

After Devastating Family Trauma, She Remains Unbroken

Author Wendy Baisley Roache discusses how she turned to Christ and started over after she and her daughter experienced...

On the Worst Day of Her Life, Woman Finds Healing

For two years, Nereida's acid reflux barred her from eating solids and put her in the ER twice a...

The NFL’s Best Keep Success in Perspective at the Big Game

Super Bowl 51 is in the history books, but as the cleanup begins in Houston CBN Sports reporter Shawn...

Harry Connick Jr. Credits Faith for Success

CBN's Scott Ross dropped in on Harry Connick Jr. to discuss his show, Harry, and to talk about life,...