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Forbidden to preach the Gospel in public schools, one church in Portland, Oregon, decided to show God’s love with...

The 700 Club - February 2, 2015

As the book closes on Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona, The 700 Club brings reactions from behind the scenes....

Cruel Winter Weather Continues to Pound Northern US

Cruel Winter Weather Continues to Pound Northern US

The 700 Club - August 19, 2014

Stephen’s mother was involved in his father’s murder and she was sentenced to death. Plus, a painful rash on...

Digging Up The Root of Your Health Problems

Author and pharmacist discusses thyroid health and its relation to weight, mood, cold extremities and hair loss.

Waking Up to A Miracle

A rare neurovascular disorder cripples Millie. After a discouraging medical prognosis she calls The 700 Club for prayer and...

No Podiatrist Needed. This Woman Has Been Healed!

A prayer on television that specifically addresses Crystal’s foot pain leads to a miracle healing.

Trapped in the Attic With Time Running Out

Imagine six feet of water in your house! This Florida family went to bed during a thunderstorm, and woke...

What Can Two Feet of Rain in 24 Hours Do?

A Florida family discovers God’s love in the flooded ruins of their home.

Unwavering Faith Sustains Trapped Hikers

An afternoon hike turns deadly when friends Don and Joseph get lost on a trail surrounded by steep canyon...

Pope Francis Washes Feet of Elderly, Disabled

Pope Francis Washes Feet of Elderly, Disabled

The 700 Club - April 10, 2014

“The Prayfit Diet” author Jimmy Pena shares how a life of balance is the key for healthy living. Plus,...

An Unbearable Body Rash Miraculously Disappears

A painful rash on her hands, feet and face were making life miserable for Honey, but a 700 Club...

700 Club Interactive: Raising Your kids - April 2, 2014

Their son was buried under eleven feet of sand for four hours. Hear how the parents and friends kept...

Feds Shut Down US-Mexico Drug Smuggling Tunnel

Feds Shut Down US-Mexico Drug Smuggling Tunnel

Freezing in the Night

Yong hated to go to bed because he knew he wouldn’t sleep. Leaks from the roof soaked his bedding...

Finding Life After the Fall

Craig Demartino is an avid outdoorsman and mountain climber, but in 2002 he took a 100 foot plunge during...