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Studio 5: Rising Stars

Young actress Alena Pitts ventures into the world of fiction writing. Singer Nicole C. Mullen shares new music, a...

Drag Queen 'Storytime' for Kids at Boston Public Library Is Not Fiction

Drag Queen 'Storytime' for Kids at Boston Public Library Is Not Fiction

Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Pentagon Shows Off Hi-Tech Battlefield Tools

Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Pentagon Shows Off Hi-Tech Battlefield Tools

Studio 5: Faith, Space & Canines

Dr. Oz and DeVon Franklin explore the connection between health and faith. Dogs compete in their own Super Bowl....

Karen Kingsbury Injects Faith Into Her Fiction

Best-selling author Karen Kingsbury shares how her faith influences the stories she writes.

Weaving Faith Into Fiction

Romance author Denise Hunter shares why her novels touch hearts and lives.

First Hostage: What If ISIS Captured the President of the United States?

Author Joel C. Rosenberg's latest thriller, The First Hostage, explores the possibility of the president of the United States...

Tall Tales Aside: The Real First Thanksgiving

Many Americans envision the first Thanksgiving as happy Pilgrims wearing big buckles and feasting on huge, fat turkeys. But...

Jerusalem Dateline: French Jewish Terror Victims Buried in Jerusalem – Jan. 16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: French Jewish terror Victims buried in Jerusalem; plus will French Jews return to Israel?...

Bring It On-Line: Hollywood Biblical Movies

Do all believers go to heaven? After having seen Noah and also seeing trailers for both Left Behind and...

CBN NewsWatch: November 21, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Nov. 21: Netanyahu, Putin Agree to disagree on Iran, Costco apologizes for labeling Bibles 'fiction', and...

News Channel Morning Edition: Nov. 21 , 2013

On CBN News Today, Nov. 21: Netanyahu, Putin agree to disagree on Iran nuke deal; Costco apologizes for labeling...

Best-selling Author Guided by Faith

Regent alum and best selling author of, "Unwritten," Charles Martin shares how faith has shaped his career.


A new work of fiction takes readers inside Iran. Joel Rosenberg's "Damascus Countdown" is about an Islamic Messiah determined...

Damascus Countdown: Prophetic Novel Depicts Iran Showdown

Author Joel C. Rosenberg offers a fictional thriller ripped from future headlines where Israel launches a preemptive strike against...

Damascus Countdown: Novel Depicts Iran Showdown

Damascus Countdown: Novel Depicts Iran Showdown

Beyond Fiction: Finding Meaningful Love

Author Kimberly Powers knows that at the core of every young woman’s heart is a longing to be truly...

Rosenberg: Can Things Change Before America Implodes?

Best-selling author Joel Rosenberg looks at America's economic and spiritual challenges today through the lens of biblical prophecy. He...

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