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CBN Global Update: October 31, 2016

CBN’s 700 Club Canada has a lot to celebrate—its fifth anniversary, coast-to-coast airings, and more!

Will China Convince N. Korea to Return to Bargaining Table?

Will China Convince N. Korea to Return to Bargaining Table?

Israel Welcomes Fifth German Submarine

Israel welcomed a new German-built submarine as the navy's fifth dolphin-class submarine this week.

California Legalizes Medical Assisted Suicide

California is now the fifth state to legalize assisted suicide after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that allows terminally...

Can Donald Trump Seal the Deal with Evangelicals?

Donald Trump is shaking up politics like never before. CBN's David Brody spoke with the GOP frontrunner about how...

CBN News Sunday: PP Video #5 Is Out, History of Abortion Leader

On CBN News Sunday, August 9, 2015: As the fifth video showing Planned Parenthood’s discussion and practice of harvesting...

CMP Releases Most Shocking P. Parenthood Video Yet

Like the other videos, the latest shows a top Planned Parenthood official discussing procurement and the cost of fetal...

Miners' Miraculous Survival Hits the Big Screen

It's been five years since the world's attention was captivated by the story of 33 Chilean miners who were...

CBN NewsWatch: June 25, 2015

On CBN Newswatch, June 25: Will Iran leader's ultimatum sink nuclear deal?; Fifth Circuit rejects latest HHS mandate challenge;...

Fifth Circuit Rejects Latest HHS Mandate Challenge

A group of religious institutions could appeal to the Supreme Court over the contraception mandate in Obamacare.

Blistering Heat Wave One of the Deadiest in India

The death toll from the heat wave in India is now above 2,300, making it the fifth deadliest in...

Why Libertarian Rand Paul Stands Out fom the Pack

The second Republican to enter the race for president could be the most unconventional candidate the party has seen...

Fifth Ping Helps Narrow Malaysia Jet Search

Fifth Ping Helps Narrow Malaysia Jet Search

CBN News Today : April 10, 2014

On CBN News Today, April 10: Lerner referred to Justice Dept for criminal action; Pa. knife-wielding teen to be...

CBN News Today : March 28, 2014

On CBN News Today, March 28: Obamacare falling out of favor with public?, Fifth Circuit upholds Texas pro-life...

CBN NewsWatch: March 5, 2014

On CBN Newswatch March 5: High Stakes: West scrambles to calm Ukraine crisis, Fmr. Israeli Envoy: US set stage...

Lerner Pleads the Fifth on IRS Targeting Scandal

Lerner Pleads the Fifth on IRS Targeting Scandal