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Experts Say US, Russia Could See Oil Boom

Experts Say US, Russia Could See Oil Boom

Cyprus Banks Reopen after Bailout Plan

Cyprus Banks Reopen after Bailout Plan

Cyprus OK's Bailout Plan, Dodges Bankruptcy

Cyprus OK's Bailout Plan, Dodges Bankruptcy

The 700 Club - March 18, 2013

When Sue was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the prime of her life, her apathy towards God began to...

Testing God Leads to Financial Freedom

Charlie and Cathie filed for bankruptcy and were headed toward divorce when they decided to test God with their tithe.

Extreme Couponing with Joni Meyer-Crothers

Joni Meyer-Crothers is a pioneer of finding savings by purchasing in bulk. Watch as she shares Extreme Couponing secrets...

News Channel Morning Edition: February 20, 2013

On CBN News Channel Morning News, Feb. 20: Finger-pointing heats up as sequester deadline nears, Review panel finds Detroit...

Review Panel: Detroit in Financial Emergency

Review Panel: Detroit in Financial Emergency

700 Club Interactive: Raising Financially Confident Kids - January 30, 2013

Mary Hunt, founder of debt-proof living, offers tips to parents on how to raise financially confident kids.

Financial Panic to Happily Ever After!

When DL’s and Deborah’s business crashed with the housing market, they were millions in debt, and forced to declare...

The Boy with the Broken Heart

When Hao Xuan was born with a hole in his heart, it was his parents’ worst nightmare. Hao Xuan’s...

The 700 Club - January 18, 2013

Dale's real estate job crashed with the economy. Desperate and living in a cheap motel, he received a revelation...

Find Your Financial Breakthrough!

After his divorce, Steve was under a tremendous financial strain. He made a bold move that gave him the...

Can God Trust You?

Tony went from a $30,000 a year salary to a six-figure income – then an ideal job situation....

Forced to Choose: Food, Shelter or Medication

Russell, a man committed to his family. He cared for his elderly mother but could barely survive the financial...

Hanging Off the Cliff of Bankruptcy

With only $200 left to her name, Eileen was desperate and losing hope of surviving her mounting bills. So...

Living a Life of Financial Favor

Corey found out early that life is much better and finances much easier when you live under the favor...

More Expert Advice for Year-End Tax Filing

Tax guru and author Gordon D'Angelo returns with more year-end financial planning tax tips to help as tax season...