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News on The 700 Club:July 2, 2013

As seen on "The 700 Club" July 2: One by one, countries deny NSA leaker asylum; Wash. attorney...

State, Gay Couple Sue Christian Flower Shop

State, Gay Couple Sue Christian Flower Shop

Wash. Florist Sued for Refusing Service to Gay Couple

Wash. Florist Sued for Refusing Service to Gay Couple

Nation of Criminals Flowers

Nation of Criminals Flowers

'Flower' Restores Hope to Malaria's Smallest Victims

'Flower' Restores Hope to Malaria's Smallest Victims

The Simple Truth to Thriving in Today's Economy

Pam and Kelly Welch put into practice a simple principle that took them from not having a steady income...

Bring It On: Getting to Know Your Host.

Pat, how many kids do you have? Kristi, is there some secret concoction you take that gives you such...

Tyrone Flowers: Blinded by Vengeance

An argument that turned violent left Tyrone paralyzed. His quest for vengeance became the driving force behind his new...

Good Luck Charms Bring Harm

Good Luck Charms Bring Harm

Saving the Marshes: La. Fights for its Wetlands

Oil may no longer be flowing freely into the Gulf of Mexico, but remnants of the catastrophe will be...

700 Club Interactive – March 24, 2010

Feature Story: Money was flowing, but her heart searched for something deeper.

Steve Doocy on Love and Marriage

Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy wants you and your spouse to become "Mr. and Mrs. Happy" with a...

The Guide to a Speedy Recovery

You can bounce back from surgery or any hospital stay with the right information. The 700 Club and Dr....

Steve Zim and the Hollywood Body

Do you have six weeks? According to fitness trainer Steve Zim, that's all you need to get the body...

Saving the Children of the Night

In Thailand, children are solicited for sex as they sell flowers in Bangkok's red light district. Nightlife Ministries, under...

Vonetta Flowers: Olympic Golden Girl on Ice

It is truly a feat that Vonetta Flowers switched sports from track and field to bobsledding and won an...

Azusa Street Revival: Bringing in the Kingdom

Pentecost power flowed from Azusa in the form of miracles, healings, and signs -- and it still continues 100...

Selma to Montgomery

"I saw those state troopers with their billy clubs. They took one end of the billy club in one...