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Bring It On-Line: Forgiven or Fooled? - September 9, 2016

How do we know when we've truly forgiven someone? My daughter heard a preacher say it was imperative...

News on The 700 Club: Sept. 25, 2013

As seen on The 700 Club, Sept. 25: Sen. Ted Cruz: 'Stand and fight' to defund Obamacare; Kenya...

News Channel Morning Edition: Sept. 25, 2013

On CBN News Today, Sept. 25: Sen. Ted Cruz: 'Stand and fight' to defund Obamacare; Kenya begins mourning dead...

Netanyahu Warns West: Don't Be Fooled

Netanyahu Warns West: Don't Be Fooled

Andrew Palau: 'The Secret Life of a Fool'

Andrew Palau was a rebellious 'preacher's kid' who experience a life transformation after surviving a plane crash.

Social Media Café: I Pity the April Fool

Mitt Romney was recently involved in two April Fool’s jokes. One he fell for, and the other fooled...

Many Companies Reinstate Workers 401k Match

Many Companies Reinstate Workers 401k Match

The Mandevilles: Behind Closed Doors

John was a top-selling Christian songwriter who coped with his failing marriage with alcohol and porn.

Londonistan: In Allah We Trust

Londonistan: In Allah We Trust

Michelle Singletary: 'Your Money and Your Man'

Michelle Singletary is a financial expert whose goal in life is to guide women on how to manage, plan...

Bring It On -- Memory

Pat Robertson and Kristi Watts answer the following question: Are there any fool proof ways to improve my memory?

Rush of Fools: An Overnight Sensation

Rush of Fools is not just a one-hit wonder band. Their first album flew off the shelves. Now, the...

Georgia Prays for Rain, God May Answer

Hundreds of Georgians cried out to God for rain on the steps of the state Capitol, Tuesday -- and...

Swindling the Elderly

Each year, older citizens are swindled out of billions of dollars by scammers on the Internet, on the phone,...

Letters Show Strength of Soldiers' Faith

Does war tend to strengthen or weaken the faith of those fighting? A man who has collected more than...

Make Way for the Mega-Mosque

Some now call London the "Muslim capital of Europe." And now London could be home to the largest Mosque...

Beyond the Veil of Lies

Vu Tran was raised to worship his ancestors and succeed in life with smooth alibis to cover his crimes....

Stephanie Mitchen: Looking for Love in the Right Place

After two failed marriages, she turned to alcohol to soothe her wounded heart. Soon, she battled an addiction.

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