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Delivered from Drugs—And Hepatitis Too

Eddie became a Christian as a young man, but bad choices led to addiction issues. After struggling to get...

Dramatic Turn for Man on Path To Hell

After his father left his family for another woman, Steve's life took a dark turn in to drug addiction,...

When Chasing Success Doesn’t Satisfy

After Tree's father died, she gave up college so she could take care of her mother. She craved success...

Bring It On-Line: - October 20, 2016

If your spouse has committed adultery, but has repented and asked for forgiveness, is it still okay to divorce...

Prostitute Yearns to Forgive Herself

Alone and addicted to drugs, Pam turned to prostitution to survive. She received meals from a church ministry and...

700 Club Interactive - October 5, 2016

A couple’s marriage is restored when they forgive the men who murdered their son.

Inmate Leaves Baggage Behind Bars

With a childhood marked by years of abuse, it was no surprise when Cris turned to a life of...

Turning Point - September 14, 2016

A woman shares her story of escape from Iran, growing up in fear, and learning to forgive. Plus, the...

America And The Power of Prayer

Pastor Mark E. Strong discusses prayer, racial reconciliation, and praying for the nation.

Ben-Hur: A Tale of Forgiveness is excited to share this exclusive video with you from Paramount Pictures' remake of Ben-Hur, starring Jack Huston,...

Bring It On-Line: Forgiving Yourself - August 5, 2016

I don't have a problem forgiving others but I find that I can't shake the guilt of things I've...

Bring It On-Line: Religion of Peace or War - July 27, 2016

Are the Islam: Religion of Peace or War? booklets still available? Every time I don't read my Bible, I...

700 Club Interactive - Living Through It - July 27, 2016

Gospel artist James Fortune admits abusing his wife and seeks forgiveness.

He Chose Revenge, She Chose Forgiveness

Kidnapped by a hardened criminal, one woman makes a daring escape and then sets her mind on payback.

Bring It On-Line: Is God Listening? - July 15, 2016

How do I know God is listening to my prayers? I have no idea where these people are...

'These Kids are Sitting in Our Classrooms,' One Woman's Fight to Protect the Unprotected

'These Kids are Sitting in Our Classrooms,' One Woman's Fight to Protect the Unprotected

700 Club Interactive - Forgiving Others - July 14, 2016

One woman struggles to forgive the man who killed her daughter and tried to kill her grandson.