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Forgiveness After Living Through a Nightmare

When author Bonnie Floyd’s parents were murdered, she faced a tough choice. Would she obey the Lord’s command to forgive?

Bring It On-Line: Heavenly Reward - May 13, 2016

Can a sin reduce your heavenly reward in the Kingdom of God? I fall into some sins. I get...

Bring It On-Line: Sin - May 12, 2016

What is your opinion of John 20:23 where it says if you forgive the sins of any they are...

Duck Commander Talks Turkey in New Film: 'Darkness Is Falling on America'

Duck Commander Talks Turkey in New Film: 'Darkness Is Falling on America'


A story of freedom and forgiveness told through dance.

How to Stop the Revolving Door of Abuse

Rosie never worked through her pain stemming from childhood sexual abuse. Instead, she numbed her early adult years with...

NBA's Monty Williams Urges 'Heart of Forgiveness' at Wife's Funeral

NBA coach Monty Williams urged 900 mourners at his wife's funeral to forgive the driver whose car struck hers...

Scorned Wife Holds Unfaithful Husband’s Life In Her Hands

Robert and Rebecca struggle to save a marriage marred by infidelity. But when Robert’s kidney fails, Rebecca makes a...

Iranian Author Tells Her Story of Fear and Forgiveness

The real daughter from the hit film, “Not Without My Daughter,” remembers her harrowing escape from Iran.

“My Name is Mahtob” Author Tells her Story of Fear and Forgiveness

Mahtob Mahmoody tells her story of escaping a fanatical Iranian household and how she came to a place of forgiveness.

CBN NewsWatch: January 11, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, Jan. 11: Thousands protest Germany New Year's Eve sex assaults; Asia Bibi forgives persecutors from Pakistani...

Asia Bibi Forgives Persecutors from Pakistani Prison

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi is forgiving her persecutors, even though they sent her to prison on charges of blasphemy.

Bring It On-Line: Sexual Sins

I have committed some really bad sexual sins. I have repented, but because I have depression I can't feel...

Dallas Cowboys All-Pro Tight End Jason Witten Redefines Greatness

The Dallas Cowboys Jason Witten is a decorated NFL tight end: a 10-time Pro-Bowl player who statistically is among...

Trapped by Desires He Couldn’t Understand

The sexual abuse José survived at just five years of age at the hands of a male neighbor left...

Forgiving Heart Escaped Paralysis

A 1997 high school shooting left Missy paralyzed from the waist down. Finding the strength to forgive was not easy.

Escaping Darkness to Find His Voice

Joe Scorsone, founder and lead singer of the band Flintface, shares his story of surviving childhood sexual abuse, and...

Can Donald Trump Seal the Deal with Evangelicals?

Donald Trump is shaking up politics like never before. CBN's David Brody spoke with the GOP frontrunner about how...