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700 Club Interactive - April 11, 2017

A fortune teller dabbles in the dark arts. Find out what spooks her straight.

Fortune and Fame Don't Distract Journey Keyboardist from Faith

Jonathan Cain recalls how his faith was shaken after a traumatic childhood experience, and what pushed him to rededicate...

Vida Dura # 466

Una joven artista en busca de fama y fortuna, tiene un encuentro cercano con la muerte. También, un joven...

Studio 5: Fortune, Faith & Forgiveness

Grammy nominated recording artist James Fortune talks to Studio 5 about domestic violence, punishment and recovery. And Studio...

The 700 Club - October 31, 2016

They’re mixing God and guns, but not everyone says the idea is on target. Plus, a fortune teller who...

700 Club Interactive - Living Through It - July 27, 2016

Gospel artist James Fortune admits abusing his wife and seeks forgiveness.

Gospel Artist James Fortune Opens Up: 'I Was an Abuser'

Gospel Artist James Fortune Opens Up: 'I Was an Abuser'

Studio 5: Prayer Fortune

Singer James Fortune opens up about facing charges of domestic violence and finding light through darkness. Hear his song...

Exclusive: Gospel Artist James Fortune Opens Up: 'I Was an Abuser'

Exclusive: Gospel Artist James Fortune Opens Up: 'I Was an Abuser'

Motorcycle Accident Breaks Bones All Over Man’s Body

With fractures in his neck, back and ankle, Michael is fortunate to still be alive. See the difference it...

Gospel Artist James Fortune Begins Jail Sentence for Domestic Violence

Gospel recording artist James Fortune pleaded guilty earlier this month to assaulting his wife during an argument in 2014.

No Woman is perfect. Fortunately, perfection isn’t required for God’s grace.

A group of women encounter life’s challenges that come with family and age, but God gives us grace to...

Restoring What Fire Destroyed

When fire swept their mountaintop home in Peru, Maria and her 9-year-old son Marco pitched in to help others...

The 700 Club - March 12, 2015

Keith Thibodeaux spent his early years on “I Love Lucy” playing Little Ricky, and he never dreamed his life...

Miracle Survivors Tell of Boko Haram's Unspeakable 'Evil'

As ISIS continues to grab the global spotlight, Boko Haram operates under the radar, seizing parts of Nigeria. Those...