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Her Eyes Tell the Story

Astrid’s parents were heartbroken when she was born with crossed eyes. When they found out that corrective surgery would...

700 Club Interactive: Made in Israel: Medicine – April 8, 2015

Israel's life expectancy is four years higher than that of the USA. Gordon Robertson takes a look at some...

Baby Plays With Rattlesnake

Four-year-old Ermelinda thought a baby rattlesnake was a fun toy. When her terrified mom saw her poking the deadly...


The last time Honduran voters went to the polls, that Central American country was in a political crisis. Four...

Tuberculosis in His Bone

Although most TB infections affect the lungs, four-year-old Michael got TB in his thigh bone. When his leg swelled...

The 700 Club - May 17, 2013

Find out what Liesl and Rod have on their household budget and what you may be missing from yours....

700 Club Interactive: Colton Burpo - January 2, 2013

Colton Burpo, the four-year-old who survived a near-death-experience, talks about his trip to Heaven and his life now as...

Unemployment Rate Dips to Four-Year Low

Unemployment Rate Dips to Four-Year Low

News Channel Morning Edition: November 23, 2012

On today’s show, Israel under attack, learn what it means for Jews living on the frontlines of this ongoing...

Well of Danger

After four-year-old Xiamara almost drowned in an open well, her terrified mother wondered—would it happen again?

Holy Toledo! Joe the Plumber's Longshot House Bid

He's known as Joe the Plumber, after infamously confronting Obama four years ago about his economic policies. Now, Samuel...

Waiting Four Years to See a Doctor!

Adamu and his son Musa were both going blind, but living in an isolated part of Nigeria, they had...

'Leaplings' Celebrate 'True Birthday' Every 4 Years

'Leaplings' Celebrate 'True Birthday' Every 4 Years

Holiday Hiring Sees Largest Gains in Four Years

Holiday Hiring Sees Largest Gains in Four Years

Under Fire, Kyrgystan Judge Stands for Righteousness

Christian judge Anarkul Toksobayeva was changed after a revolution ended the reign of the Kyrgyzstan President.

Miss America 2010: Caressa Cameron

The reigning pageant winner speaks out on AIDS, childhood obesity and her faith.

Boy Recovers From Fatal Disease

He had 12 strokes. His heart stopped beating. Nobody expects little Mason Ikirt to survive... no one except for...

Sandra Cruz: No Small Healing

After suffering with allergies for four years, Sandra Cruz began to wonder if God really cared.