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The Fairfield Four: Still Rockin' Their Souls

The Fairfield Four has roots spanning back to 1921. Today, the newest incarnation of the Nashville music group talk...

NRB Hosts Evangelical Debate on 2016 Election

NRB Hosts Evangelical Debate on 2016 Election

Too Much Time With Too Little Money

Jason had worked for the same company for 17 years when downsizing caught him by surprise. After three months...

Kids Cheer “Superlibro” in Houston

There’s a party going on in Houston,TX—a Superbook party, that is! Over 1,000 kids at the Lakewood Spanish Church...

Superheroes to Believe In

Carrie and Neal’s four boys were fans of superheroes. But these parents were concerned that the heroes were imaginary...

Israel Helps Transfer Gaza Animals To New Zoos

Israel Helps Transfer Gaza Animals To New Zoos

Turning Point - October 14, 2015

TRIP LEE.The hip hop artist shares the supernatural strength he finds to take the stage in spite of his...

700 Club Interactive - August 19, 2016

A sisterhood through thick-and-thin. Four ladies, with close to four hundred years of wisdom, share their secrets.

'Four Pinocchios' for Hillary Clinton's Latest Email Claim

'Four Pinocchios' for Hillary Clinton's Latest Email Claim

CBN News Minute - August 2, 2016

OUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH! New poll shows Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald J. Trump! Is the campaign...

700 Club Interactive - Growing Up Wild - July 29, 2016

Four sons of missionaries, the Wild brothers, discuss growing up in Indonesia with a Southeast Asian tribal people.

Adventures in Creation with The Wild Brothers

What happens when four young missionary brothers grow up amongst a Southeast Asian tribal people? Hear about the adventures...

The 700 Club - July 28, 2016

Four brothers growing up in the wild go on an adventure with some modern-day missionaries. Plus, a pilot braces...

The Wild Brothers: Adventures In Creation

Four young missionary brothers describe life with a Southeast Asian tribal group.

The 700 Club - July 27, 2016

A case of whiplash sets the stage for an answer to prayer. Plus, He’s the “Fittiest Man in the...

Studio 5: Church Clap

We’re sitting down with hip hop artist KB for a look at his life and music. We’re also talking...

Matthew West: The Incredible Real-Life Story behind

Four-time GRAMMY nominee Matthew West shares the God-orchestrated story behind meeting Rob, the drug addict who inspired his radio...

Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross

A four-time Olympic gold medalist, Sanya Richards-Ross shares about one of her greatest passions.