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The 700 Club - August 7, 2012

The new President of the Southern Baptist Convention Fred Luter shares about his new role. Plus, Lopez Lomong escaped...

Racism to Revival: Luter's Vision for So. Baptists

He revived his dying church to thousands then rebuilt after Katrina. Now, Pastor Fred Luter is hoping for similar...


The Southern Baptist Convention has elected its first black president. Fred Luter, Jr., is a New Orleans pastor and...

Romney Surges in Fla., Gingrich Plays Catch Up

Romney Surges in Fla., Gingrich Plays Catch Up

Gingrich, Romney Release 2010 Tax Returns

Gingrich, Romney Release 2010 Tax Returns

Fed: Fannie, Freddie Could Save Housing Market

Fed: Fannie, Freddie Could Save Housing Market

Side Impact: Improving Driver Safety?

A study out today says side impact airbags can reduce driver death by 37 percent.

Political Spouses Take Center Stage

Candidates' spouses have stepped into the spotlight, generating a buzz that threatens to overshadow their running mates.

Fred Travalena's Last Stand-Up

The comedian recently passed away. In his final appearance on The 700 Club in 2007, Fred talks about the...

Things Getting Tight in Presidential Race

David Brody investigates why the real battle for the Democratic nomination is in Iowa. Also, Pat Robertson interviews author...

Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Gailon Totheroh reports on ways women can prevent the deadly disease before it starts.

Why Thompson Thinks He's the Real Deal

CBN News spoke with actor-turned-politician Fred Thompson about his entry into the rough and tumble world of presidential politics.

Tim Conway: Making Millions Laugh

Funny guy and former co-star on The Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway continues to entertain audiences of all ages...

Strengthening Our Youth

Certified exercise trainer Fred Hahn discusses how parents can have healthy, fit kids and increase their strength and fitness...

Fred Kelley: Pedaling for a Cure

He lost 138 pounds and started a bike race to support cancer research.

Ministry Helping Thousands Find Jobs

Rising unemployment rates have attracted large numbers of people to a unique ministry that helps them find jobs.

700 Club Interactive – February 4, 2011

Today on 700 Club Interactive Gordon talks with guest Fred Almond about the topic of Forgiveness.

Sarah Palin and Civility

She’s a powerhouse media figure who has passionate supporters and passionate opponents. The Brody File’s all-star panel, Dan...