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The 700 Club - September 24, 2018

A series of losses in life pushes one woman to a point of desperation for God. Plus, a successful...

700 Club Interactive - September 24, 2018

Growing up amidst her family’s drug and gang activity, Grace became a drug and alcohol abuser—until an accident that...

Transgender Drug Dealer Prays for Transformation

Nichol embraced a masculine identity and same-sex relationships. Then a vicious attack changed everything, and Nichol began the long...

A Life of Dedication and Love

Arlene loves children. As career teacher and longtime CBN partner, she has dedicated her life to helping children all...

Holocaust Survivor Gives Thanks

Chava is 94 and lives in Israel. The only member of her family who survived the Nazi death camp...


With fun and silly outtakes from all the cast.

700 Club Interactive - September 19, 2018

A teen is rushed to the ER and then lapses into a coma. See how one family fights for...

Celebrate Your Victory

More fun from the Superbook Academy Dancers.

Jesus in the Boat

When life gets overwhelming, think “J-I-B” – Jesus is in the Boat. Trust in him; he will calm...

Stressed to Blessed! $200,000 in School Debt to Peace and Provision

By the time Fallon earned her master’s degree in accounting she had over $200,000 in loans and was sick...

Miraculous Blessings - Testimony - Finance

See powerful stories of real-life people who experienced Miraculous Blessings!

Miraculous Blessings spot

Get your DVD copy of Miraculous Blessings today and discover biblical keys to a life of miraculous blessings!

Miraculous Blessings - Author Endorsement

Pat Robertson shares biblical principles keys from the Bible to unlock God’s blessings in your life.

Studio 5: Unbroken

Studio 5: September 12, 2018 - Get a behind-the-scenes look at the film Unbroken: Path to Redemption. Angelina Jolie...

Get the Superbook Kids Bible App

The Superbook Kids Bible app brings the Bible to life for the entire family with an easy to understand...

'Don't Bet Your Life on Riding out a Monster': Category 4 Florence Threatens Catastrophe

'Don't Bet Your Life on Riding out a Monster': Category 4 Florence Threatens Catastrophe

Understanding the True King David

Dr. Mark Rutland discusses the real story of the complicated and conflicted King David.

The 700 Club - September 10, 2018

A premature baby is rushed to the hospital as doctor’s race to save a young girl’s life. Plus, the...