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Digital Download: New App Helps Students Find Jobs

[Future Graduates] The Linkedin Student App, might just be the answer to your job search and internship prayers.

Bring It On-Line: Gospel Bum - April 5, 2016

If a relative does not behave civilly and is rude and demanding at family gatherings, is it unforgiving not...

700 Club Interactive - A Hope and A Future - April 4, 2016

A Jewish man has a vision of Jesus in a synagogue parking lot.

Trusting God in Uncertain Times

Author of "A Hope and a Future", Rabbi Jonathan Bernis discusses faith and how to trust God in uncertain times.

See Your Future Through God’s Eyes

Author of "A Hope and a Future", Rabbi Jonathan Bernis discusses faith and how to trust God in uncertain times.

A Dark Future for Law Enforcement? Inside the 'Ferguson Effect'

With law enforcement officers under intense scrutiny and a spike in violence against men and women in blue, many...

Digitial Tithe: A New Way To Give a Tenth

The church collection plate could look a little different in the future.

2 Americans Among Brussels Dead, Investigators Nab 7 Suspects

A U.S. official says at least two American citizens have been confirmed killed in Tuesday's attacks in Brussels, Belgium....

Why This Immigrant Rejects Sweden’s Immigration Model

Sweden was going to show the world the way into a multicultural future. But that plan has run off...

The 700 Club - March 3, 2016

Writer and director Cyrus Nowrasteh shares about the new film, “The Young Messiah.” Plus, growing up in a violent...

Rejected in Her Own Home

Growing up in a violent home leads to substance abuse issues that threaten Dawn’s future, but the message of...

Could These Young Victims of War Change Syria’s Future?

Hundreds of thousands of children refugees face a discouraging future, with no education available and no opportunities. But one...

Prayer Need Is Great as Abedini's Consider Their Future

For three and a half years Christians around the world diligently prayed for the reunification of Pastor Saeed Abedini...

Back-To-School Single Mom

After returning to school to give her family a better future, Dana spends 45-50 hours a week studying—often doing...

The 700 Club - December 30, 2015

A high school football standout loses his future prospects when hit by a car. Plus, a woman stays committed...

Reaching The World

A look back at the start of Orphan’s Promise and Terry’s vision for the future.

CBN News Sunday: Surviving a Terrorist Attack

On CBN News Sunday, Dec. 6: In the wake of the shooting this week in San Bernardino, California, CBN...

CBN News Special: Faith, Prayer Part of America’s Heritage and Future

On CBN Newswatch, Nov. 27: A closer look at America’s history of faith and prayer. Plus, how these founding...