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Studio 5: The Star

Get a sneak peek at the film The Star with actors Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi. The film's producer...

EXCLUSIVE: “The Star” Trailer Premieres on is excited to share the new trailer for Columbia Pictures’ upcoming Nativity movie, “The Star”, starring the talented...

Are You Worried About Paying Your Monthly Bills?

Ginny was a single mom struggling to keep up with bills. Month to month, she never knew if she’d...

La talla es lo de menos.

Gina Pérez es una talentosa mujer que aprendió a confeccionar su propia ropa, pues nada de lo que encontraba...

Don’t Be Afraid to Live Your Dreams

Author, Speaker and fashion expert Gina La Morte shares her faith and how God redeemed her life after the...

The 700 Club - May 13, 2015

Fashion expert Gina La Morte shares her faith and how God redeemed her life after the end of a...

Christmas All The Time

Ginny Owens sings, “Christmas All The Time.”

In the Bleak Midwinter

Ginny Owens sings, “In the Bleak Midwinter.”

Ginny Owens, “This is Christmas.”

Recording artist Ginny Owens sings, “This is Christmas."

The 700 Club - Dec. 4, 2013

Veteran Hollywood actor Gavin MacLeod reflects on his career and Christian faith. Plus, Gina and Brian witnessed their son...

How One Prayer Healed Autism

Gina and Brian witnessed their son Ethan experience victory over autism.

This Week at CBN: Blessings Come Full Circle

Gordon Robertson shares the story of Gina and Danny who lost there home during Hurricane Isaac, but still found...

From Victims To Volunteers

Even though Hurricane Isaac destroyed their home, Gina and Danny used their boat to rescue stranded neighbors and volunteered...

700 Club Interactive - June 11, 2009

A young girl and her mother have an encounter with Christ. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a woman...

The Mandevilles: Behind Closed Doors

John was a top-selling Christian songwriter who coped with his failing marriage with alcohol and porn.

Are Our Babies Safe?

When the earthquake shook Haiti, Gina and John Kulikowski only had one thought – were their 3 adoptive daughters...

Freedom from Financial Fear

Mike and Ginny Mason lived in fear of finances for years. Learn how they faced their fears and why...

Previously Conjoined Twins Ready to Go Home

Previously Conjoined Twins Ready to Go Home

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