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Vida Dura # 466

Una joven artista en busca de fama y fortuna, tiene un encuentro cercano con la muerte. También, un joven...

Vida Dura # 411

Un hombre adicto a las drogas contrae SIDA, y su esposa lo ayuda a superar esta situación. También, Glenda...

La casa de Glendy

La casa de Glendy

What is Life Like - After an Earthquake

Glendy was in such shock after her husband died in an earthquake, it took her 3 days to realize...

This Week at CBN: Earthquake Recovery in Guatemala with Operation Blessing

Gordon Robertson takes us to Guatemala to meet Glendy and her three daughters who are struggling to recover from...

700 Club Interactive – November 29, 2010

Guest: Judge Glenda Hatchett

700 Club Interactive – October 11, 2010

Guest: Judge Glenda Hatchett

In The Green Room with Judge Hatchett

The Judge talks about her television show and how she stays real on and off the bench.

Judge Hatchett: Dare To Take Charge

The Honorable Judge Glenda Hatchett steps off the bench to talk about her new book, Dare to Take Charge.

Shalom: Worshipping the Right God

Shalom spent most of her life searching for peace. As a teenager, she began to dabble in witchcraft, hoping...

Glenda, the Good Hairdresser

Glenda cries when she remembers not even having enough money to buy milk for her little girl. Now, she's...

Healing for Heels

Glenda Jones' heels had bone spurs and she coped with the pain by tiptoeing through her home and holding...

700 Club Interactive – January 28, 2011

Guest: Judge Glenda Hatchett