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Grass Greener? Americans Look Abroad to Retire

The thought of retiring during this tough economy has Americans worried about making ends meet. Consequently, more people are...

Fetullah Gulen: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

CBN News takes an exclusive look at Turkish imam Fetullah Gülen -- a man who some have called the...

Christian World News: June 10, 2011

Watch this week's edition of Christian World News for a special look at the Global Day of Prayer and...

News Channel Midday Edition: June 2, 2011

Watch the June 2 edition of CBN News Channel's Midday News with Charlene Israel and Efrem Graham. Top...


U.S. Congressman Frank Wolf is pushing to make international religious freedom a greater priority at the State Department. With...


A U.S. government commission is urging the Obama Administration to act against countries that persecute religious minorities. That's because...

Natalie's Easter Miracle

A bad car accident put Natalie Elders in a coma for ten days until she experienced a personal Easter...

700 Club Interactive – April 20, 2011

ONE Campaign activist Shayne Moore shares her journey from "soccer mom" to Global Soccer Mom in her fight against...

700 Club Interactive – April 18, 2011

Abby Sunderland chats with Terry about her experience attempting to circumnavigating the globe all alone.

The 700 Club - April 15, 2011

Abby Sunderland shares her experience of trying to circumnavigate the globe by boat and what went terrible wrong and...

Rising Food Prices Fueling Global Problems

Global food prices have hit an all-time dangerous level, creating shortages and greater demand around the world, tough news...

Power Grab Concerns Heat Up over Climate Change

Some argue that White House bureaucrats are using global warming fears to start regulating greenhouse gases in what they...

The Earth Growing Colder? Sunspots May Hold Key

Scientists are studying the correlation between sunspot activity and the severe winters many parts of the world are experiencing.

Culture War: The Battle for Australia’s Soul

A cultural battle pitting Christians against Australia's first atheist prime minister may be looming in the land down under.

News Channel Midday Edition: January 4, 2011

Watch the Jan. 4 edition of CBN News Channel's Midday News with Mark Martin. Top Stories -- Australia Flooding...

Obama Hosts APEC, Committee Deadline Near

Obama Hosts APEC, Committee Deadline Near

Believers Kick Off First 'Global Day of Worship'

Believers Kick Off First 'Global Day of Worship'

Corzine Resigns From MF Global Amid Probe

Corzine Resigns From MF Global Amid Probe