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Club 700 Hoy: Abril 21, 2013 #407

Gloria Vázquez, autora, nos habla de como lidiar con el dolor, en el fallecimiento de seres queridos, y nos...

Gloria Vázquez

Gloria Vázquez, autora mexicana, nos presenta en esta oportunidad su libro "¿Dónde está Dios cuando más lo necesito?", en...

Colton Dixon: I Used 'Idol' to Reflect God's Glory

Colton Dixon: I Used 'Idol' to Reflect God's Glory

Superbook: A Look Inside The Garden

Get a preview of the latest Superbook episode titled, 'In the Garden,' the story of Jesus' glorious resurrection.

Respondemos tus preguntas al facebook: Incienso, iglesia y devocional.

A continuación, Héctor y Amarilis, responden las preguntas hechas a través de Facebook, por nuestros televidentes. Gloria pregunta: "¿Es importante...

Patrick Willis Gives God the Praise, Glory and Honor

San Francisco 49er linebacker Patrick Willis sits down with CBN Sports' Shawn Brown to share the roots of his...

Turkish Mega Mosque in Germany Sparks Controversy

There was a time when the Turkish-led Ottoman Empire ruled over a large chunk of Europe. Now some believe...

This Week at CBN: Live to Glorify God

Gordon Robertson provides an in-depth teaching on how Christians should seek to live for God's glory above all other.

Bring It On: Christian Dating 101

Do I need to wait for God to give me a mate? Does waiting for God mean that I...

Bob Bruce: Taste and See

He lost his taste buds after a bout with cancer. Bob and Gloria did the only thing they could do....


Marching down the avenues of Mexico City for Easter has been a colorful Christian tradition for years, mixing banners,...

Mexico Christians Promote Freedom at 'Glory March'

Mexico Christians Promote Freedom at 'Glory March'

Emmitt Smith: Running for Glory

NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith sits down with CBN Sports' Shawn Brown to discuss his journey of faith...

In Pursuit of Glory: The Beijing Olympics

With the 2008 summer Olympics only a year away, elite athletes are training hard, but they're not the only...

Christian Players Exalt God Above Sport

In the U.S., American football is so popular that some say it's become like a religion, with Super Bowl...

Full House's Candace Cameron Bure: Doing It God's Way

She played DJ Tanner on ABC's hit show, Full House. Now she's a wife, mother and actress living for...

Sandra Lee's Special Christmas

Holiday decorating and gift-giving has never been easier with Sandra Lee's semi-homemade tips.

Bobby Bowden: Called to Coach

He is a legend among college football coaches. However, for Bobby Bowden, all the glory belongs to God.