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The 700 Club - February 10, 2015

Director and actor Corbin Bernsen will discuss his new film “Christian Mingle: the Movie.” Also, instead of scheduling surgery...

Couple Cares For Children No One Else Wants

Domingo and Irene had never considered adoption until God prompted them to do so. Now, 33 years later they...

Come to ‘The Rooftop'

700 Club Interactive’s Lionel Harris shares the inspiration behind ‘The Rooftop’ campaign.

Obama at Prayer Breakfast: 'No God Condones Terror'

Obama at Prayer Breakfast: 'No God Condones Terror'

The 700 Club - February 5, 2015

Jason Brown turned down lucrative offers to stay in the NFL. Find out why he would rather be on...

Tattoo Artist Uses Talent as a Showcase for God

Find out how tattoo artist Chris Baker is helping cover the ink of human trafficking victims and also gangsters.

She Prayed for a Miracle Instead of Scheduling Knee Surgery

Marsha had been an active swimmer all of her life, but an accident while moving a table left her...

“Pop Evil” Rock Star Casts Out Demon

Tony Greve was enjoying his rock star lifestyle, but partying left him feeling empty. When a pastor prayed with...

News on The 700 Club: January 28, 2015

As seen on "The 700 Club," Jan. 28: New England digging out from winter storm Juno; 'Thank God I...

Holocaust Survivor: 'Thank God I Stayed Alive'

Holocaust Survivor: 'Thank God I Stayed Alive'

The 700 Club - January 26, 2015

William’s god was money, but it cost him far more than it ever gave him. Plus, Andrew and Danielle...

The Power of Thankfulness

Angela became so ill she could not lift her head or open her eyes. After doctors identified the incurable...

Doctors Amazed by Pastor’s Recovery from Dementia

Pastor Richard Skoff knew something was wrong with his brain and tried to hide his symptoms. Even after he...

Making a City Impact in San Francisco

How God saved Roger Huang and imprinted the need for Christian love in the District of Tenderloin, in San Francisco.

The Brody File: God, Guns, Grits, Gravy and The State of The Union - Jan. 22

This week on the Brody File we take a look at the president’s State of the Union Address. Plus...

CBN News on the Cutting Edge Around the Globe

From the Russian incursion in Ukraine, to Israel's battle with Gaza terrorists, there's been plenty of conflict over the...

Working Harder Is Not Always the Answer

Ronnie and Mary felt like failures after filing for bankruptcy. When working harder didn’t help, they discovered something that...

Rescued Girl to Pope: 'Why Does God Let Children Suffer?'

Rescued Girl to Pope: 'Why Does God Let Children Suffer?'