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Jesus in the Rice Fields: China's Countryside Revival

Jesus in the Rice Fields: China's Countryside Revival

Retirement Crisis: Americans Living Longer, Saving Less

When it comes to growing old in America, there's good news and bad news. More than 65 million people...


Every week, in countries around the world, pastors preach at evangelistic meetings. However, it isn't so easy if the...

Prodigal Faith: Why Secondhand Belief Isn't Enough

Many youth leave the faith these days. But the good news is about half will find their way back....

The Omega Balance: Getting Smart about Inflammation

When it comes to your health, inflammation is public enemy number one. The good news is you can reduce...

Superbook "Mary Hears the Good News"

"Mary Hears the Good News"

Good News! US Housing Market on the Upswing

Good News! US Housing Market on the Upswing

Are You SAD? Beating the Winter Time Blues

Are you often sad during the winter? Doctors have recognized the winter blues as a medical condition. The good...

Stalin's 'Railroad of Death' Witnesses Revival

Stalin's 'Railroad of Death' Witnesses Revival


On the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, an unlikely church attracts rock fans. Perhaps it’s because the pastor spreads the...

Jud Heald Shares the Good News

Jud Heald was consumed with the skateboarding and snowboarding culture, but his world fell apart when an accident...

Steve Lillis: The Pastor Shoots Pool

He calls himself the Pastor of Pool, and Steve Lillis is taking the Gospel to the billiard hall.

Visions of Jesus Stir Muslim Hearts

Many say a supernatural dimension is at work throughout the Islamic world…

Margaret Hurtado: Nineteen Years of Pain End with One Word

When Margaret Hurtado had surgery to remove a cyst from her hand, the complications were horribly painful. But it...

Healed by the Grace of God

Bill and Toni were both medical professionals. When Toni was diagnosed with cancer, they needed more than just textbook...

Taking Back the House in Illinois?

Tammy Duckworth has two artificial legs. She lost them when her army combat helicopter was hit by enemy fire....

Finding God in the Balance

Mark is a cancer survivor, but the tumor in his chest left him with equilibrium problems that only God...