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Becoming a Mighty Man of God

Jon's deep-rooted porn addiction can only be undone by God's power and grace.

CBN NewsWatch: September 20, 2013

On CBN Newswatch, Sept. 20: House dumps Obamacare, keeps gov't running, Wife: Saeed has led 30 to Christ in...

Pope: More Focus on Grace, Less on Dogma

Pope: More Focus on Grace, Less on Dogma

News Channel Morning Edition: Sept. 20, 2013

On CBN News Channel Morning News, Sept. 20: Fiscal showdown looms over Obamacare, debt limit; Pope urges more focus...

God, Grace, and the Roar of Thunder

NASCAR driver Blake Koch shares his faith journey and how God has blessed his life.

Finding Our Way Out of the Mormon Church

A devout Mormon for 30 years, Lynn Wilder shares what happened when she began to question her beliefs.

Ana Margoth, ejemplo de constancia y fe.

Ana Margoth Molina es una joven salvadoreña que ha logrado superar innumerables obstáculos gracias a su fe en Dios...

Preacher's Daughter Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison

Janie, struggling for a sense of identity and purpose, goes off the deep end with a life of crime...

When God Washes Away a Man's Lust

Matt's addiction to pornography was a dirty little secret until it escalated to sex with a prostitute.

Mourning to Joy: Mercy Chefs Return for Block Party

Mourning to Joy: Mercy Chefs Return for Block Party

Modern Day 'Mother Teresa' Heads Church for Homeless

Charlotte's most vulnerable people are in desperate need of help, and one grandmother is answering the call. Her work...

'House of Grace' Rescuing Thai Girls from Sex Trade

'House of Grace' Rescuing Thai Girls from Sex Trade

Former Addict Helps Others Break Free

Amy uses her story of triumph over addiction to inspire others to victory in Jesus.

A Slugger Saved by Grace

MLB slugger Corey Hart shares how drugs and alcohol almost derailed his career and family until his daughter's interest...

Mark Sanford Reclaims Congressional Seat

Mark Sanford Reclaims Congressional Seat

Bring It On-Line: God's Grace

What exactly is grace-based teaching, and why it is so prominent today? How do we know when messages of...

La Microempresa de los Orellana.

Mirna Orellana y Dennis Rodríguez, de Honduras pasaron momentos muy duros, pues no conseguían trabajo y no tenían nada...

El Testimonio de Olaya Ojeda.

Quién dijo que los milagros no existen? Escuche a continuación la historia de Olaya Ojeda, una mujer chilena que...