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Pokomchi People Rejoice over New Testament

Pokomchi People Rejoice over New Testament

When Your Child Is in Pain

Seven-year-old Erwin was in so much pain, he couldn't go to school or play with friends. See how you...

Abandoned and Unemployed in a Plastic Shanty

After his wife abandoned him, Alberto struggled to care for their six children in a shanty covered with plastic....

An Angel In Pain

Eight-year-old Angel loved to help his father on the farm until a severe hernia left the little boy in...

New Shoes For Kevin

After his father died, Kevin's mother was unable to afford new shoes for her son and he was forced...

Charity Rescues Guatemalan Woman's Livelihood

Charity Rescues Guatemalan Woman's Livelihood

Could You Build a House from Plastic Scraps?

Imagine tying together pieces of plastic to build a home. That’s what single mother Maria and her five children...

Would You Drink This Water?

The stream by Juventina’s house had become polluted with toilet paper and dead animals. How could she let her...

Mundo Cristiano: Noviembre 18, 2011

Pastor Caballero fue designado Canciller de Guatemala, veteranos heridos de EEUU aprenden a escalar montañas y vencer sus incapacidades....

Estela's Bricks

A single mom with two children live in a broken down shack in Guatemala.

Mundo Cristiano: El 27 de agosto, 2010

Mundo Cristiano: El 27 de agosto, 2010

Christian World News: June 4, 2010

On this week's Christian World News: A look at Israel and the recent flotilla raid, two aid groups suspended...

Frutas Guatemala

Frutas Guatemala

Oscar Isaac: His Name is Joseph

You've seen The Passion of the Christ. Now see the story from the beginning. Oscar Isaac discusses the upcoming...

Mexico's Harsh Treatment of Illegals

Illegal aliens inside Mexico, mostly from Guatemala and Honduras, are literally on the run.

A Prescription for Blessing Others

Brandi had bronchopneumonia. Her parents ran out of money trying to find the right medicine. Operation Blessing stepped...

When the Hospital Has No Medicine

Odilia Cervantes of Guatemala lost her first child to bronchopneumonia. But through medicine supplied by Operation Blessing, Odilia's second...

Guatemala: Catching the Revival Spirit

As the ranks of the Pentecostals and charismatics swell to more than half-a-billion, you have to ask why?...