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Larry Crabb: 'The Pressure's Off'

Author Larry Crabb shares how life's curve balls can sometimes contain life's biggest blessings, if we'll just relax.

The 700 Club - May 31, 2012

Bernie and Diane Lierow depended on God's help when adopting a severely traumatized orphan. Plus , author Larry Crabb...

Bring It On: Depression

My wife and I are depressed and no longer want to live. We've been committed Christians for over 20...

700 Club Interactive: Frequency - May 31, 2012

Author Casey Bankord shares about his new book Frequency, and how you can intentionally live on your God-given wavelength.

Boxing Champ 'Pac-Man' Pacquiao a Fighter for the Faith

Philippine boxing champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is now telling the world about the true champion of his life: God.

'The Girl In The Window'

Bernie and Diane Lierow depended on God's help when adopting a severely traumatized orphan who had been neglected and...

Pauline's West African Miracle

Pauline lives in Benin West Africa and suffered from a debilitating back problem that was miraculously healed while she...

CBN NewsWatch: May 30, 2012

On Wednesday's CBN Newswatch: The fight against gender-based abortion in the U.S., pro-lifer Lila Rose discusses campaigns against Planned...

A Hidden Snake Strikes

Ten-year-old Erick received more than he bargained for when he was playing in the canals near his home in...

News on The 700 Club: May 30, 2012

As seen on "The 700 Club" for May 30, the top headlines from CBN News include -- Sex-Selective Abortion...

Kelley Brown: A Fearless Widow

Kelley Brown shares the experience of losing her Navy SEAL husband, Adam Brown.

The 700 Club - May 30, 2012

Joe Kissack struggled with prescription drug addiction during his pursuit of excellence as a Hollywood executive. Plus, Kelley Brown...

Bring It On: Obey Your Parents

My 7-year-old niece’s parents are getting divorced. My niece said her mommy has asked her to lie to her...

700 Club Interactive: Leading the Blind - May 30, 2012

Join us at 700 Club Interactive as blogger and mother Lacey Buchanan shares about her one-year-old son who...

Church Offers Cohabiting Couples 'Free Wedding Day'

These days the number of couples cohabiting has skyrocketed. Now one Seattle church is combating the problem by offering...

Finding Freedom in the Hollywood Hills

Joe struggled with prescription drug addiction in his pursuit of excellence as a Hollywood executive.

CBN NewsWatch: May 29, 2012

On Tuesday's CBN Newswatch: Sex-Selective Abortion in America?, Massacre Pushes Syria Closer to Civil War, and more.

Stakelbeck on Terror: Fmr. Islamic Terrorist Embraces Christ

On this week’s special edition of Stakelbeck on Terror: CBN News sits down with Kamal Saleem, a former Islamic...