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Christian World News - January 23, 2015

This week on Christian World News, Nagmeh Abedini meets with U.S. President Obama to advocate for her husband imprisoned...


Hear the words that Nagmeh Abedini spoke to President Obama…words that broke the tension and touched the president’s heart.

Piggyback Boy

Lang’s mom carried him on her back everywhere—but it was no game. Lang was weak from a hole in...

CBN News on the Cutting Edge Around the Globe

From the Russian incursion in Ukraine, to Israel's battle with Gaza terrorists, there's been plenty of conflict over the...

The 700 Club - January 16, 2015

Danielle lost her job and was broke with two boys to feed. She didn’t know what to do until...

Compelled to Love a Sick Child!

Mrs. Lee knew God wanted her to adopt the weak, pitiful baby girl abandoned on her porch. But chances...

Would you give up food to send your child to school?

A poor widow struggles to send her niece to school, but often they both go hungry. This story of...

She had already lost two children—would she lose two more?

Mrs. Tang knew she could never afford life-saving heart surgery for her two children. Find out who heard this...


Gospel legend Andre Crouch worked with many superstars of the music businesses, but his heart was always after God.

Twin Sister Story: Will Both Live?

What does a family in poverty do when one twin desperately needs lifesaving heart surgery?

2 Simple Ways to Cut Your Cancer Risk

2 Simple Ways to Cut Your Cancer Risk

Scientists Say Sugar Could Be Source of Disease

Scientists Say Sugar Could Be Source of Disease

Christian World News - January 2, 2015

This week on Christian World News: The town that makes taxis advertise the Word of God. Plus, a...

The 700 Club - December 31, 2014

James thought suicide was the only way to escape the pain of his traumatic childhood, but his heart was...

The 700 Club - December 29, 2014

Duck Dynasty matriarch Miss Kay shares from the heart. Plus, drug dealing and other crimes catch up to Steve...

The 700 Club - December 26, 2014

Hear the true story of Olympic runner and World War II POW Louis Zamperini which inspired the new movie,...

Unbroken: POW Set to Capture Hearts on Big Screen

Unbroken: POW Set to Capture Hearts on Big Screen

Helping the Homeless Every Christmas

The homeless people of Washington D.C. are close to Sinclair Johnson’s heart. Every Christmas, he travels to his hometown...