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Healing Scars of Abuse and Self Hatred

Drugs helped Niki escape her pain, but they also ruled her life. After landing in jail, everything changed.

Choosing to Follow the Occult or Love?

Annie's involvement with the occult got her attention, but not friends. When she finally fell in love with a...

Prepare King Family Christmas Recipes

Dr. Alveda King demonstrates some of her family's favorite holiday recipes.

700 Club Interactive - December 11, 2017

Rejected by her drug addicted parents, a young woman looks for love in all the wrong places until she...

Add An Italian Flair to Your Christmas Meal

Emmy Award winning TV host Lidia Bastianich shares a holiday meal from her new cookbook, Celebrate Like An Italian.

Former Charles Manson Follower Tells All

Diane Lake was the youngest follower of Charles Manson's "Family." She opens up about the horror of his cult...

Mom says Bullying for her Faith Contributed to Teen's Suicide 

Mom says Bullying for her Faith Contributed to Teen's Suicide 

Studio 5: Take The Lid Off

Gospel singer Smokie Norful takes shares his new book. R&B’s Mary J. Blige shows off her acting chops in...

Woman Divorces a Love Affair with Drugs

After 30 years of addiction and losing custody of her kids, Rhonda landed a 10-year prison sentence and got...

The 700 Club - November 29, 2017

She worked the streets and in the strip clubs to support her drug habit for 26 years. See what...

Years of Prayer Finally Pay Off

Nothing could fix Jennifer's migraines, keeping her from the things she wanted to. Then one day, she and her...

700 Club Interactive - November 29, 2017

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson looks back at the hit show and shares what her family is doing next and...

700 Club Interactive - November 28, 2017

Daughter of Candace Cameron Bure, Natasha Bure addresses living in the public eye, her faith, and living an authentic...

Irlene Mandrell on Her Love for God, Country, and Family

Singer Irlene Mandrell discusses her solo debut album, "Thanks to You."

The 700 Club - November 23, 2017

Irlene Mandrell debuts her solo album, “Thanks to You.” Plus, take a behind the scenes look at the Macy’s...

700 Club Interactive - November 21, 2017

She was a star on "The New Mickey Mouse Club" but fame did not follow her into adulthood, see...

Knee Injury Jeopardizes Woman's Holiday Schedule

After falling off a step ladder and twisting her knee, Lynn turned to prayer to return her to her...

Family Finds Hope after Devastating Earthquake

When an earthquake struck Mexico, Margarita, her autistic daughter, and her two grandchildren barely escaped their home alive.