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“I’m Leaving You…”

Karla’s husband left a ripped piece of cardboard with the words: “I’m leaving you.” Karla and her two children...

Nursing Home Fulfills Women's Lifelong Dream

Nursing Home Fulfills Women's Lifelong Dream

From Abandoned and Hungry - To Top Student

After Chinmaya’s mother died, his father left the 4-year-old boy with his grandmother. Chinmaya wandered the village hungry and...

The Life-Changing Storm

After losing her husband and their home to Typhoon Haiyan, Narcissa and her two children didn’t know where to...

Hope After the Hail

Her husband died, her livelihood was gone, and a hailstorm almost destroyed her home, Najo knew she couldn’t give...

No Stranger to Hardship

Having been born with a birth defect, David was used to hardship. He managed to provide for his family...

CBN Provides Help when Needed Most

CBN assists long-term Christian home that provides help to women and children in destructive lifestyles.

Obama Admin. Urges Enforcing Mandate on Nuns

Obama Admin. Urges Enforcing Mandate on Nuns

Plungers Take Icy Dip for Homeless Pups

Plungers Take Icy Dip for Homeless Pups

Celtic Woman sings “Silent Night.”

International Recording Artists Celtic Woman sing, “Silent Night.” from The 700 Club studios.

A Christmas Cookie Tradition

Joyce and Al Moorhouse have invested a lifetime in helping families make sweet Christmas memories with their cookie cutter...

Rescuing A Homeless Girl from the Streets

When Linda only 11, her mother abandoned her in the streets of Honduras. A cousin who had previously experienced...

'No Taste Like Home'... at Christmas

Author Kimberly Whitman shares ideas on creating special family memories this Christmas season.

Duck Dynasty Matriarch on Making a Merry Home

Duck Dynasty matriarch Miss Kay sits down with The 700 Club’s Michelle Wilson to share about the early...

A Christmas Prodigal

Gabe was a prodigal son who ran away from home on Christmas Eve but his parents were always there...

Midwest, Plains Prepare for 'Ice Friday'

Midwest, Plains Prepare for 'Ice Friday'

Re-homing Orphans a Dangerous Internet Practice

What happens when parents decide they can't take care of the child they adopted? For some orphans, it has...

Christmas with Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman sing from their latest album, Home for Christmas.