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700 Club Interactive: Helping the Home Front - May 26, 2014

What can you do to help our troops and their families? Join us today to learn how you can...

Navy Family Grows to Six

Kevin and Miranda already had three children, so when they decided to take in three foster kids, they doubled...

Living in a House of Sticks

Gerardo quit school at age 12 to earn money to care for his hardworking mother, but still they couldn’t...

When a Storm Takes Everything

The deadly storm took everything—her home, her fishing business, her future. Nobody seemed to care for this poor widow....

Would You Drink Yellow Water?

Mirla’s family in Peru routinely drinks water from a polluted river near their home. It’s yellow and they try...

What Can Two Feet of Rain in 24 Hours Do?

A Florida family discovers God’s love in the flooded ruins of their home.


About 75 tornadoes tore through the southern United States two weeks ago. Louisville, Mississippi was one of the hardest...

Ticking Time bomb—A Home With Bad Wiring

Leo and his grandfather, Raul, lost everything when their house caught fire from bad wiring. See how CBN...

Calif. Fires Contained, Thousands Return Home

Calif. Fires Contained, Thousands Return Home

700 Club Interactive: Legacy - May 12, 2014

Jesse Span went from being homeless to a success story, see how on today's 700 Club Interactive.

A Lasting Legacy

Jesse was raised by a single mother and thought he had to leave home to “be a man.” After...

Healing Greets Veterans at 'Welcome Home' Doors

Healing Greets Veterans at 'Welcome Home' Doors

Healing Greets Veterans at 'Welcome Home' Doors

Though suicides among active-duty military troops dropped last year, the amount of reserve soldier suicides is still going up....

700 Club Interactive: Caring for Orphans - May 6, 2014

A feral child – abused, unable to talk or even eat solid foods. Then, one day she found a...


Christians across America gathered to pray and seek God's blessings during the National Day of Prayer. The 63rd annual...

Helping the Home Front

CBN launches a new outreach to honor military families for their service, Helping the Home Front.

The 700 Club - April 23, 2014

A life of compromise results in painful consequences for young man raised in a Christian home. Plus, Nina's migraines...

GoPro Project Offers Glimpse into Lives of Homeless

GoPro Project Offers Glimpse into Lives of Homeless