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Bring It On: "Great White Throne Judgement"

It seems like during the weeks leading up to Halloween, the only shows on TV are horror movies. Is...

A correr!

El prductor Esteban Castro, consultó al Maratonista olímpico C´sar Lizano, acerca de los principales consejos que debíamos tomar en...

The 700 Club - July 13, 2012

A childhood of horror is undone when Lynn Manley takes her pain to Jesus. Plus, experience the musical stylings...

Lynn Manley Lets the Pain Go

A childhood of horror was undone when Lynn took her pain to Jesus and began to experience a full...

Amy Jacobs: Back in the Saddle

Amy Jacobs loves everything about horses, but when 1200 pounds of equine fell on her leg she wondered how...

Chinese Dissident's Case Exposes One-Child Horror

Chinese Dissident's Case Exposes One-Child Horror

Club 700 Hoy: Abril 15, 2012 #356

José Ordóñez, el hombre con el record de 72 horas contando chistes sin repetir ninguno, nos habla de la...

Obama: Ryan Budget Thinly Veiled 'Darwanism'

Obama: Ryan Budget Thinly Veiled 'Darwanism'

José Ordóñez - Lo Importante Reir

José Ordóñez, el comediante con el record de 72 horas contando chistes sin repetir ninguno, nos habla de la...

Movie Reviews: 'Alvin,' 'Sherlock' and 'War Horse'

Movie Reviews: 'Alvin,' 'Sherlock' and 'War Horse'

Ed Donnally: A Wild Jockey, A New Direction

He was famous on the race track, but out of control in his private life. Drugs and a run-in...

Kellie Borden: It Had to Be Jesus

She got an STD after sleeping with her first boyfriend. Then it became pre-cancerous. Kellie needed a savior.

Jill's Farm of Dreams

Jill Mansor dreamed of owning a horse farm, but as a teacher, that seemed out of her financial reach.

The 700 Club Remembers 9/11

September 11, 2001. On that morning, the life of the nation changed during the broadcast of The 700 Club....

Vanishing Vertigo

Marypaul Bom's normal day at work was turned upside down when she started feeling the symptoms of a debilitating disease.

The Vote that Resurrected Israel

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called the birth of modern Israel a "miracle," and said it was probably the central...

Church of the Week: Christ Chapel Race Track Chaplaincy of America

Most people don't expect to see the Lord Jesus Christ being praised at Kentucky's Churchill Downs race track. Just...

Zero Debt in Eighteen Months

Bud’s good business went bad and each month was dragging them down – further into debt. They went...