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CBN News Showcase: Mourning in France - July 16, 2016

Europe has been hit by terrorism again, this time in Southern, France. On this edition of CBN News Showcase...

Bring It On-Line: Elijah the Prophet - June 20, 2016

Will he send Elijah the prophet in the last days?.My husband and I, along with other family members and...

CBN News Minute - June 17, 2016

OUR DAILY NEWS IN A FLASH: URGENT and frightening warning from CIA director John Brennan... U.N. panel is asking...

Olympic Rifle Shooter Talks Faith

A member of the USA Shooting Team, Olympic athlete Amanda Furrer discusses her faith and her award-winning career in competitions.

Surviving the Holocaust and Poverty

Bombings and murder fill their memories. Michael and Vera both survived the Holocaust, but lost most of their family...

Lawmakers to State Department: Time to Crack the Whip on Trafficking

Some members of Congress are pushing the State Department to get tough on countries that allow human trafficking. 

How Much Does Your Congressman Really Care about Religious Freedom?

Many members of Congress say they fight for religious freedom, but when it comes to voting, they're not always...

'Righteous Among the Nations' for Risking Lives during the Holocaust

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the United Nations says it wants member nations to honor the victims of the Nazi era.

Taliban Massacres Students, Staff in Pakistan University Attack

Taliban gunmen stormed a university in Pakistan Wednesday, executing several students and staff members and setting off a heavy...

'13 Hours' Ex-CIA Contractor Talks about God's Presence in Benghazi Battle

When terrorists attacked the United States diplomatic compound and a nearby CIA annex in Benghazi on September 11, 2012,...

Iranian Author Tells Her Story of Fear and Forgiveness

The real daughter from the hit film, “Not Without My Daughter,” remembers her harrowing escape from Iran.