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The 24/7 Prayer Movement

Groups of Christians praying and worshipping 24 hours a day, seven days a week sure sounds spiritual. But exactly...

The Blue Dogs

In the House of Representatives, we know that Democrats are in control and Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker. But...

Abba's House: Celebrate Freedom Ministry

Abba's House in Hixson, Tenn., began their Celebrate Freedom ministry for substance abuse. God grew the program into a...

Obama Searches for New Church Home

In roughly 60 days, the Obamas will make the White House their new home. But they'll also be looking...

Gay Activists Target Smaller Races in U.S.

While most eyes are on the White House race, gay activists are quietly targeting smaller contests throughout the rural U.S.

A Reason to Go On

Irina was pregnant and abandoned. She was so depressed, suicide seemed like the only answer.

Revival in Hungary

In the 1980's, Christians in the Eastern European nation of Hungary had to meet secretly because they were harassed...

Awakening Sweeps over Int'l House of Prayer

A new level of worship is taking place at the Kansas City IHOP. A series of miracle-filled meetings have...

Aaron McCargo, Jr.: Cooking in Big Daddy's House

The Food Network Star shares his testimony and tasty holiday dinner recipes.

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