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Restored and Delivered From Addiction

Mary eagerly accepted Christ as a child until heartbreak challenged her to turn to something else as an adult.

Roma Downey Discovers Light in the Darkest Moments

Acclaimed actress Roma Downey shares how God's love led her through her darkest times in her new book Box...

Solitude Gives Wife the Strength to Forgive

Jalana felt abandoned when she discovered her husband's affair. See how she found the strength to forgive and how...

Motorcycle Enthusiast Trusts God for Healing

Rebecca worried sciatic nerve pain would keep her from her life—and officiating her granddaughter's wedding. See how prayer changed everything!

Son's Miraculous Survival Proves the Power of Prayer

A woman turns to prayer when her son suddenly goes into a cardiac arrest and is declared clinically dead.

Deep Freeze Follows Deadly Monster Blizzard that also Unleashed Icy Flooding

Deep Freeze Follows Deadly Monster Blizzard that also Unleashed Icy Flooding

Couple Receives the Gift They Prayed For

Christy was 7 months pregnant when doctors told her to prepare for a funeral instead of a healthy baby....

Couple Finds the Key to A Joyful Marriage

Alcohol, control, and anger nearly destroy a marriage until time apart and a deadly accident inspire an incredible change.

PTSD Disrupts Soldier's Comfortable Marriage

When Ben returned from deployment, he was a different man. Heidi tried to be understanding as he struggled, but...

The "Good Child" Hits the Party Scene?

Kammy thought she would find love and acceptance through partying, but soon found herself with no one to turn to.

Fourth of July Tragedy Ends in a Miracle

Paul and his family were celebrating Independence Day, but the party turned into a nightmare when a snake bite...

Country Music Stars Trades Brokenness for Worship

Beloved singer-songwriter Jessi Colter opens up about standing by her husband, Wayland Jennings, and her journey back to her...

Do-Over: How God Turned a 30-Year Mess Into a Message

Born out of wedlock, Joanna felt she forced her parents into a family they wouldn't have chosen otherwise. She...

Homeward Bound After Criminal Past

A loveless childhood pushed Roy into an intimate relationship with drugs. When they let him down, he was prepared...

Studio 5: Full Tank

Jazz artist Ben Tankard has the secret to living a “Full Tank” life. Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and the...