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Superbook "Jesus Is Hung on the Cross"

"Jesus Is Hung on the Cross"

Bring It On: Hunger for God's Word

Pat, why are there two different accounts of Judas's death in the Bible? How can I develop a deep...

The 700 Club - September 4, 2012

A special CBN Sports interview uncovers a side to Michael Vick that is in stark contrast to the criminal...

This Week at CBN with Gordon Robertson: June 18, 2012

Gordon Robertson shares about a church in Budapest, Hungary that partners with CBN to dub The 700 Club into...

CBN Global Update: June 18, 2012

In Hungary and other European countries, The 700 Club is viewed in native languages, and ranks well in popularity.

He Could Fix Anything But Hunger

After John was let go from his job, he wondered how he could feed his family of six. Little...

Mitt Romney Riding the Wave?

Likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney recently hung up his dress shirts and ties for a wet suit and...

Movie Reviews: 'Hunger Games,' 'October Baby'

Movie Reviews: 'Hunger Games,' 'October Baby'

CBN NewsWatch: March 22, 2012

On Thursday's CBN Newswatch: Gas prices take center stage on the campaign trail, al Qaeda claims responsibility for the...

'Hunger Games' Film a Cautionary Tale for Society

'Hunger Games' Film a Cautionary Tale for Society

Jerusalem Dateline: Nuclear Iran only Months Away

Jerusalem Dateline: Nuclear Iran only Months Away

Christian World News: January. 6, 2012

On this week’s Christian World News, North Korea tops the list of worst persecutors of Christians, work to help...

Dale Lidstrom: Living Through Sudden Cardiac Death

He left the hardware store, and then woke up in a hospital. Dale was unaware that his life hung...

Euro Crisis

Europe's economic crisis is forcing families into hunger. Now, Christians are working together to provide support to those facing...

Please Send Me to Jail

She used pot and alcohol, and eventually became addicted to crack. She doubted she'd ever be free from addiction.


For much of the 20th Century, Romania suffered under the harsh rule of a communist dictator. About 25 years...

America's Hunger Grows in Tough Economy

Close to half the adults standing in line at local food banks are not typical. One megachurch Willow Creek...

News on The 700 Club: October 4, 2010

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Monday, October 4, the top headlines from CBN News...