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Pakistani Christian Refugees Wasting Away in Thailand: 'I Pray I Die Here'

Zahid Younis, a Christian, fled his native Pakistan in 2104 for Thailand to escape persecution. Today, he can't believe...

Bill Wiese: What Happens When I Die?

Author Bill Wiese discusses the impact of near-death experiences on our faith and his new book tackles the age-old...

Bring It On-Line: God and Jesus : One and the Same

Both my husband and I work, being a Christian myself, do I tithe on my salary or both? Who...

Yoky Fernandez: A Mother's Call for Help

Yoky was desperate. She prayed to God, "If I die, who will take care of my children?" One phone...

Little Miracle Morgan

Eight-year-old Morgan Moeller miraculously recovered from diabetic ketoacidosis. See her story and watch a special message from Gordon Robertson...

Paul Byrd: Reflecting the Son

Paul Byrd's baseball career has been full of twists and turns, but he has learned to trust the One...

Christians Jailed for Converting Muslims

After being jailed for converting Muslim children to Christianity, three women continue to share their faith from behind bars.

Day Four of Virginia Tech Tragedy

Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui has shocked the nation again with his horrifying messages from beyond the grave.

A Muslim Finds the Way to Heaven

Azar worked hard to be a good Muslim. But after years of ceremonial prayers five times a day, she...

Last U.S. Veteran of WWI Dies at 110

Last U.S. Veteran of WWI Dies at 110

Palin Speaks Out about Resignation

Palin Speaks Out about Resignation