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Bring It On-Line: Images on Cell Phone

I was looking through my daughter's phone, and I found many pictures of a cartoon skeleton with one glowing...

Cuidado: Una adolescente con bulimia es una bomba de tiempo.

Las burlas a la apariencia física pueden distorsionar la imagen que se tiene de si misma y llevarla, incluso,...

New Book Tells the Bible's Stories with Your Images

The Parallel Bible app merges Scripture, photography, and social media.

Montreal te pinta la vida de colores

El grupo juvenil Montreal está integrado por cinco hermanos que buscan la forma de inspirar a la juventud, y...

Striving for Perfection Against Impossible Odds

Author, blogger, and reality TV personality Jen Hatmaker fights for grace in a world of impossible standards.

ISIS Underground Highway at America's Doorstep?

Hamas tunnels dug under the Israel's border evokes frightening images straight out of a grade-B zombie movie. But one...

No Woman is perfect. Fortunately, perfection isn’t required for God’s grace.

A group of women encounter life’s challenges that come with family and age, but God gives us grace to...

Satellite Images Show Iran's 'Clandestine Pathway' to Nukes

Iran denies it is hiding evidence of nuclear weapons activity even after satellite photos show work being done at...

Oldest Bible Text since Dead Sea Scrolls Unveiled

A 1,500-year-old fragment of a Torah scroll unearthed decades ago in Ein Gedi has at long last been deciphered,...

Author Rachel Lovingood

Author and speaker Rachel Lovingood helps people through an identity crisis.

Do You Know Who You Are?

It’s a problem that plagues this generation. It’s hard to find our identity in a world full of labels,...

700 Club Canada: January 22, 2015

*This video contains mature images and themes. Parental guidance suggested.* Watch the 700 Club Canada for January 22, 2015.

NYPD Takes to Twitter to Soften Its Image

NYPD Takes to Twitter to Soften Its Image

Bring It On-Line: Image of God

Do we have the same power that it took to raise Jesus Christ from the dead? And where...

Pimping for Likes: Teen Girls Posing for Self Esteem

Pimping for Likes: Teen Girls Posing for Self Esteem

Pimping for Likes: Teen Girls Posing for Self Esteem

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook - it's just social media. But for young girls bombarded with images of "the perfect body,"...


Ukraine's leaders say Russia has launched a full- scale invasion of their country, and satellite images show thousands of...

Being the Beloved of God

Stasi struggled with body images from childhood. It wasn’t until adulthood that she learned about being the, “beloved of...