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Britt Nicole Shares About the Bible

Britt Nicole shares why it's important to read the Bible.

Third Day Share About the Bible

Third Day share why it's important to read the Bible.

The Afters Share About the Bible

The Afters share why it's important to read the Bible.

Building 429 Share About the Bible

Building 429 share why it's important to read the Bible.

700 Club Interactive: Ferguson, MO: Stop the Hate - August 27, 2014

A divided country sees a heartland city in flames. What can be done? And more importantly, how...

NFL Kicker Graham Gano on Fatherhood

Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano loves his job and the opportunity it gives him to share the gospel, but...

How Money Walks: States That Do This are Wealthier

A growing body of research shows two important variables influence the prosperity of certain states. Author Stephen Moore addresses...

700 Club Interactive: Man’s Greatest Role - June 27, 2014

What is man's most important job? How fatherhood is the greatest role any man can have.

700 Club Interactive: Sorry Not Sorry - June 24, 2014

Do you apologize too much? Find out why women say sorry so often, and why it's important that they stop.

Why Adoption is Important to Jesus

Founder of orphan-hosting ministry, “Know Orphans,” Rick Morton discusses adoption and how the church needs to better equip and...

What Makes a Father?

Three fathers discuss what’s important about being a man, a husband and a father.

Soul Surfer Helping Girls Balance 'Body and Soul'

In a society that bombards women on how to achieve the "perfect" body, professional surfer Bethany Hamilton is inspiring...

Bring It On-Line: Fasting

I know as Christians, we should fast. If I've never fasted before, what's the best way to begin? Do...

Israel's 'Eternal Memorial' a Light to Never Forget

It's important to educate people about the evils of the Holocaust to keep them from happening again. That's what...

Uncommon Pitch Saves R.A. Dickey 's Career

Big League pitcher R. A. Dickey lengthened his career by developing a stifling knuckleball, but more importantly he strengthened...

Bring It On-Line: Praying for our Leaders

A lady in a nursing home where I serve as a chaplain asked me an important and heavy-duty question:...

Bring It On-Line: Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit

Thank you for bringing very instructive testimonies through your network. I need clarification on the fruit of the spirit...

Mandy Hale: Finding Satisfaction As “The Single Woman”

Author Mandy Hale shares the importance of keeping Christ at the center of her life and how He has...