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Rep. Scott Taylor on improvements at the VA

Rep. Scott Taylor on improvements at the VA

Blast the Sugar from Your Diet!

Best-selling author and physician, Dr. Ian Smith, discusses how we can improve our health by reducing sugar in our diets.

Pre-School Offers New Life to Impoverished Kids

Orphan's Promise has stepped into an African slum to improve the lives of more than 400 at-risk children.

Miraculously Freed from Inescapable Lethargy

Family members were the first to notice that Sheila wasn't herself. Medication didn't improve her condition, and soon she...

Couple Helps Improve Lives of Impoverished Families

Ben and Amanda have a heart for helping others, but they can't always reach those who need their help...

Dancing in the Silence

Yatong loves to dance, but in her deafness, she could only imagine the music. Her hardworking parents worked multiple...

The Accident Could Cost His Sight

Omkar was playing with friends when one of them accidentally hit him in the eye. After several medical treatments,...

Improve Your Marriage in Five Days!

NYT Best-Selling author and psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman discusses keys to a healthy marriage and how to improve it...

CBN News Showcase: Family, Honor, Giving Thanks

On this edition of CBN News Showcase we show you the miracles behind the first Thanksgiving and how being...

Improve Your Health! Ramp Up Your Good Gut Bacteria

Improve Your Health! Ramp Up Your Good Gut Bacteria

News on The 700 Club: April 14, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," April 14: Just the beginning? Religious freedom, gay rights battle turns ugly; Fuel...