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Ladies Packing Heat: Guns No Longer a Man's World

The firearm industry is a man's world no longer. With gun sales slowing, gun makers are increasingly turning their...

The 700 Club - March 10, 2015

Author and Pastor Herbert Cooper experienced a “but God” moment which changed his life, and he believes you can...

No Longer “Fallen,” Annie is Standing Tall and Fighting Back

After enduring years of abuse and addiction as part of the sex industry, Annie cried out for help and...

The 700 Club - March 6, 2015

Author and former prostitute Annie Lobert has dedicated her life to rescuing others trapped in the sex trafficking industry....

Being in Control is Really a Trap

After a difficult childhood and surviving rape at age 17, Dee ran away to Hollywood where she became trapped...

A Great Investment With Abundant Returns

Other Hawaiian condo rental businesses struggled, but Ken and Dia’s thrived. Find out the investment that did it, and...


Sex trafficking has become a multi- billion dollar criminal industry. The world is slowly waking up to this modern-day...

700 Club Interactive: Sex Sells - October 24, 2014

Anny Donewald reveals her dramatic and divine rescue from the sex industry!

Escaping the Sex Trade

Anny Donewald was molested by one of her father’s college basketball players. The drugs and drinking she used to...

Victim of Sex Industry Helps Others Escape

Author and activist Anny Donewald escaped from the sex industry and now works to rescue and minister to other...

The 700 Club - October 23, 2014

Author and activist Anny Donewald will discuss her fight to rescue victims of the sex industry. Also, go behind-the-scenes...


What’s the only business whose product and consumer are the same? Human Trafficking.

Market Losses Strike Dread in Hearts of Investors

Market Losses Strike Dread in Hearts of Investors

Aaron Shust Sings Praises Whether Life Brings Joy or Pain

Worship leader Aaron Shust shares about his sons’ miraculous healings and sings from his latest album.

Targeting Sex Buyers: No More Sacrificing Our Kids

Targeting Sex Buyers: No More Sacrificing Our Kids

The 700 Club - July 18, 2014

An advertisement for a dancing job led Teresa into the trap that is the sex industry. Plus, years of...

CBN NewsWatch: June 2, 2014

On CBN Newswatch, June 2: Will new carbon limits put cap on coal industry?, Soldier's parents thankful despite 'hefty...

Carbon Caps Bad for 'Anyone Who Pays Electric Bill'

Carbon Caps Bad for 'Anyone Who Pays Electric Bill'