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“Lord, Make My Daughter Beautiful Again”

When a mysterious ailment caused Anastasia’s hair to fall out in clumps, the young girl refused to leave her...

Rescued from a Life of Isolation

Loretta was suffering from MRSA when God used a prayer on TV to bring healing.

CBN Helps Mother Save Family from Malaria

When a mother’s family in India is ravaged by malaria, CBN comes to their village with a treatment to...

The 700 Club - Jan. 29, 2014

When Darren’s tooth infection spread to his jaw, surgery appeared to be the only option. God had another plan....

A Mother’s Well of Sorrow

Tears filled Amina’s eyes every day as she drew water from the dirty well. Her son had died after...

Jaw Infection Healed by Miracle Prayer

Darren’s toothache became so intense that even opening his mouth was unbearable. When the infection spread to his jaw,...

Health Crisis: The Rising Impotence of Antibiotics

Health Crisis: The Rising Impotence of Antibiotics

Health Crisis: The Rising Impotence of Antibiotics

For the first time, health experts are warning that you could get an infection that even the most powerful...

The 700 Club - Oct. 10, 2013

Singer and author Danny Gokey returns to The 700 Club to discuss his new book, "Hope in Front of...

Unwavering Faith in the face of HIV

HIV and a brain infection were not enough to destroy Elizabeth's faith in God.

Boy Who Died from Rare Brain Infection Gives Life

Boy Who Died from Rare Brain Infection Gives Life

The 700 Club - June 6, 2013

Nelson was a cocaine dealer and a high priest in Santeria until he went to prison and met a...

The 700 Club - June 4, 2013

Financial expert Kimberly Foss shares ideas for planning ahead during shaky economic times. Plus, Caryn's respiratory infection is immediately...

Crying Out to God for Healing

Caryn's respiratory infection is immediately healed after a prayer onThe 700 Club.

Tuberculosis in His Bone

Although most TB infections affect the lungs, four-year-old Michael got TB in his thigh bone. When his leg swelled...

The 700 Club - April 4, 2013

When Landon was just ten-months old a trip to the doctor for an ear infection revealed a brain tumor....

When Hope and Money Run Out

After three expensive yet unsuccessful surgeries for a severe ear infection, seven-year-old Angelina was in more pain than ever...

A Childlike Faith Brings Healing

A painful toe infection is eradicated with one prayer for healing and a little boy's faith is strengthened.