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Counting the Days While His Mind Slips Away

Through traumatic brain injuries and memory loss, former NFL tight end Ben Utecht talks about how faith keeps him grounded.

700 Club Interactive - August 18, 2016

A son's world is turned upside down when his mother suffers a traumatic brain injury.

Long-Suffering Accident Victim Experiences Miracle

For 47 years, Jacquie struggled with the pain of a car crash, and none of the remedies she tried...

Sidelined Wrestler Finds Instant Injury Cure

For six months after sustaining a head injury, Patrick was plagued by chronic headaches. Doctors didn’t have a solution...

CBN NewsWatch: August 4, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, August 4: Panicked GOP leadership to Trump: Get your act together – fast!; Stabbing spree...

The 700 Club - July 14, 2016

The “bad kid” who was facing 15 years behind bars makes a jailhouse confession. Plus, one family prepares for...

Wounded Veteran Serves as Inspiration

Author and veteran Shilo Harris discusses overcoming devastating injuries in Iraq in 2007 and how he inspires others today.

Caring for the needs of our military children

Military kids face the challenges of frequent moves, parents deployed, visible and invisible injuries, and emotional trauma from a...

The 700 Club - June 29, 2016

The twins who took a stand for faith and never looked back, the Benham brothers discuss, “Living Among Lions.”...

Suicide Car Bomb Kills Six Jordanians, Injures 14

Suicide Car Bomb Kills Six Jordanians, Injures 14

Kansas Tornado Wipes Out Homes

Kansas Tornado Wipes Out Homes

The 700 Club - May 11, 2016

Dr. Don Colbert shares the sugar detox method that worked for him. Plus, an on-the-job knee injury caused ongoing...

Woman Finds Remedy to Unrelenting Knee Pain

An on-the-job injury left Sena with constant knee pain. For months she struggled to remain functional, but one day...

Tristan Owens

After losing his sister and part of his brain in a car accident, a former young aspiring athlete discovers...

Family Faces Tragedy After Car is Hit by Semi-Truck

After an 18-wheeler hit the Carrolls' van, doctors weren't sure what would become of their son Cadyn. With all...

Back Pain Disappears Instantly

After injuring his back, Jessie sought one treatment option after another. After scheduling surgery, he saw The 700...

Thrill-Seeker Left with Painful Reminder of Roller Coaster Ride

It was supposed to be fun, but after a roller coaster ride leaves Tawnie with an agonizing neck injury...

Oklahoma Tornado Leaves Trail of Destruction

A tornado struck Oklahoma Wednesday night leaving many homes and businesses damaged and seven people severely injured.