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Going Deeper with Tim Shaw – Extended Interview

Former NFL linebacker and special teams captain Tim Shaw, finds peace, purpose and a Heavenly Father’s love amidst his...

Change Your Life by Choosing Love Every Day!

Author Stormie Omartian shares how she has gained a better understanding of God’s love, and by extending it to...

Kevin Leman Shares Secrets for Family Happiness

Dr. Kevin Leman believes any family can find happiness. Find out how you can too by using his 5-day plan!

Dr. Kevin Leman Shares the Secret of How You Can Have a Happy Family by Friday

Dr. Kevin Leman believes any family can find happiness. Find out how you can too by using his 5-day plan!

Chuck Holton ISIS Interview

Chuck Holton ISIS Interview


In an exclusive interview with CBN News, Liberia’s president expresses hope in the face of a devastating Ebola outbreak.

October 10, 2014 Christian World News

This week on Christian World News: Our exclusive interview with the President of Liberia about the Ebola crisis wracking...

The Watchman: Pastor John Hagee Discusses "Four Blood Moons" - October 7, 2014

On this week's edition of The Watchman, we travel to the global headquarters of John Hagee Ministries in San...

The Brody File: Values, Values, Values - October 2, 2014

This week’s Brody File show takes a closer look at the Values Voter Summit. Ted Cruz won the presidential...

Skype Interview with Bruce Johnson on Ebola

Skype Interview with Bruce Johnson on Ebola

'The Good Lie' Witherspoon Interview

'The Good Lie' Witherspoon Interview

When Doctors Told Rich Wilkerson to Pray for His Son’s Death, He Refused

Pastor Rich Wilkerson believes in the power of prayer. Hear how he personally experienced an answer to prayer and...

Paul Wilbur: Celebrating a Life of Worship

Worship Leader Paul Wilbur will celebrate Rosh Hashanah with CBN and brings highlights from his award-winning career and new...

Dr. Michael Roizen on Balanced Nutrition

An interview with Dr. Michael Roizen about the benefits of a proper diet.

Alan Powell Shares About New Movie “The Song”

Vocalist for Christian music group Anthem Lights, Alan Powell is also the star of the new movie, “The Song.”

Anthem Lights Front Man Sings New Tune as Actor in “The Song”

Lead singer of Anthem Lights, Alan Powell discusses the choices that affect life and marriage as seen in his...

Jamie Grace Interview and Song

Jamie Grace shares about her life and sings 'Hold Me.'

Jan Karon’s Return to Mitford

Author Jan Karon talks about her return to the best-selling Mitford books that showcase the importance of faith in...