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Interview with Brian Kilmeade

Interview with Brian Kilmeade

Praying the Scriptures for Your Children

Author Jodie Berndt shares insights on praying God's protection and blessing for your children by using God’s Word.

Belinda Moss: Finding Victory Over Depression

As an Air Force officer Belinda Moss was afraid to seek help for her depression.

Secret Six: Spies Who Saved the American Revolution

A fascinating tale of American heroism has been shrouded in secrecy for more than 200 years. It's the true...

Can Israeli Tourism Survive Mideast Turmoil?

From Gaza terror attacks to a nuclear Iran, most people only see images of turmoil surrounding Israel. Still, millions...

Bring It On-Line: Covered By Jesus

I was watching this interview with a pastor and he was asked about gays. The pastor said that he...

More Cooking with Duck Dynasty's Miss Kay

Duck Dynasty's Miss Kay offers our 700 Club team and CBN Reporter Michelle Wilson extra access to her kitchen...

Cooking with Duck Dynasty’s Miss Kay

The 700 Club visits the kitchen of Duck Dynasty's matriarch, Miss Kay, to learn more about her take on...

Matthew Barnett: God's Perfect Plan for Your Life

Author Matthew Barnett discusses following God's purposes into His perfect plan for your life.

Chauncey Crandall: The Simple Heart Cure

Author and medical doctor Chauncey Crandall shares about his latest book, "The Simple Heart Cure."

Anne Graham Lotz: 'Wounded By God's People'

Author and speaker Anne Graham Lotz discusses strategies to overcome the offenses in life that can derail our spiritual growth.

Danny Gokey: Find Purpose in Your Darkest Moments

Singer, author and former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey returns to The 700 Club to discuss his new book,...

Martha Rivera: Obesidad asunto de matemática.

¿Sabía usted que cada año, al menos 2,6 millones de personas mueren en el mundo a causa de la...

The Brody File - Countdown To Shutdown - September 26, 2013

On The Brody File this week, we talk with Congressman Tim Huelskamp about the Tea Party’s role in a...

Brody File Interviews Bishop Elias Taban

Bishop Elias Taban used to be a child solider fighting in Sudan’s bloody civil wars. Now, he’s National Bishop...

The Brody File - War of Words - September 19, 2013

The GOP is squabbling about how best to win future elections. This week The Brody File has interviews with...

Cristina Ferrare on "Home and Family"

TV personality, author and chef Cristina Ferrare talks about new show on the Hallmark Channel.

Finding Victory Over Depression

As an Air Force officer Belinda Moss was afraid to seek help for her depression.