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Enjoy Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Author, speaker and minister Katherine Ruonala ignites a fresh passion in the hearts of believers to go deeper in...

700 Club Interactive - March 27, 2018

Author Nancy Houston discusses developing healthy intimacy in marriage.

Develop Healthy Intimacy in Your Marriage

Is your marriage missing that, ‘spark?’ Author Nancy Houston shares about developing healthy intimacy in marriage.

A Christian Guide to Healthy Intimacy

Author and therapist Nancy Houston discusses how couples can develop healthy intimacy in their marriages.

Caleb Kaltenbach

Raised an atheist by LGBT parents, Caleb Kaltenbach finds Christ and “comes out” to his parents as a Christian.

Studio 5: Garden Tour

Studio 5 is your all-access pass to the Kari Jobe worship tour. Sample her new music and enjoy intimate...

Navigating Love in the Modern World

Authors Jeff and Alyssa Bethke are helping millennials find life, true love, and intimacy which they discuss in their...

Studio 5: Meeting McQueen

Go inside a new book and documentary on salvation of American Icon and acting legend Steve McQueen. The Cars...

Homeward Bound After Criminal Past

A loveless childhood pushed Roy into an intimate relationship with drugs. When they let him down, he was prepared...

700 Club Interactive - April 13, 2017

Are you hungry for true fellowship with God ? Author Katherine Ruonala will share how to have intimacy with...

Studio 5: Intimate Portrait

Studio 5 travels to North Carolina to spend the day with gospel music legend Pastor Shirley Caesar. The singer...

The 700 Club - April 21, 2016

Meet a Hollywood couple that claims deeper intimacy can be achieved in relationships without sex. Plus, a murder charge...

Increasing Intimacy in Relationships Without Sex

Hollywood couple Devon Franklin and Meagan Good tell how waiting to have sex until marriage deepened their relationship and...

Kegan Wesley’s Love Lesson

Kegan Wesley shares what a real, raw, and romantic relationship looks like.

Through a Man's Eyes: What Women Should Know

For centuries, the only woman a man would ever see intimately would be his wife. Now males are bombarded...

Gretchen Carlson Gets Real

In her new book Getting Real, Fox News host Gretchen Carlson shares intimate details of her life and how...

'Old Fashioned' Romance Shreds 'Shades of Grey'

'Old Fashioned' Romance Shreds 'Shades of Grey'

Pimping for Likes: Teen Girls Posing for Self Esteem

Pimping for Likes: Teen Girls Posing for Self Esteem