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A Huge Day for Health Care: McCain's Return Sets Stage for Big Vote

A Huge Day for Health Care: McCain's Return Sets Stage for Big Vote

Trump, Republicans Ready for 2018 Sweep?

Trump, Republicans Ready for 2018 Sweep?

Your Financial Answer Could be on the Way

Mark and Susan were literally down to a jar of coins for paying their bills when they decided to...

A Sure Way to Grow Your Finances and Investments

Is it time to break your money fears and find financial joy? Obele shares how she did it, how...

Building a Hedge of Financial Protection

Ted and Linda have seen amazing financial provision over the years. They strongly encourage people with a winning investment...

One Investment---30 Years—Amazing Results!

Annette has been faithful in investing her money in one important way for over 30 years. And she’s seen...

An Investment Plan Everyone Can Follow

Andrew is a successful investment manager. He and his wife, Bridgid, follow an investment plan of their own—one you...

Financial Happiness Can Be Yours!

Joanne enjoys satisfaction and happiness in the way she invests her money. And she sees the eternal impact of...

News on The 700 Club: April 6, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," April 6: Will Cruz, Sanders victories lead to contested conventions?; Miss. Governor signs...

PayPal Pulls Jobs, Investments over NC Bathroom Ordinance

North Carolina is paying a high price after striking down Charlotte's bathroom ordinance bill.

CBN NewsWatch: April 6, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, April 6: Will Cruz, Sanders victories lead to contested conventions?; PayPal pulls jobs, investments over NC...

Why Anti-Israel Boycott Is a 'Mockery' of the South African Struggle

Decades after a boycott movement helped end South Africa's apartheid system, Palestinians are gaining traction with a similar campaign...

Debt Free and Prospering Because of One Biblical Principle

Jean has been out of debt since 1985, and gives credit to the Lord and His wisdom in her...

Super Bowl’s Golden Anniversary Leaves Lasting Treasure in Bay Area

The 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl has only heightened the annual hype that comes with the NFL’s biggest...

Never Too Old to Invest in God’s Work

90-year-old Royal Navy War veteran gives to CBN to build treasure in heaven.

Seeing the Fruits of Faithful Giving

Donnie and Patti share the best investment they’ve ever made, and how it’s changing lives around the world.

Bring It On-Line: Biblical Re-Marriage

Would one be better off just leaving money in a bank ,instead of investing in a mutual fund that...

Wall Street Volatility Ongoing Despite Positive Signs

The volatility is continuing on Wall Street as concerns over China's economy remain.