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A Fight for Survival: 'Without This the Cradle of Christianity Will Be Done'

A Fight for Survival: 'Without This the Cradle of Christianity Will Be Done'

The Prayer Movement That's Sweeping the Middle East

The Prayer Movement That's Sweeping the Middle East

Priest: Christian Refugees Are 'Iraq's Salt'

Priest: Christian Refugees Are 'Iraq's Salt'

Iranian-Backed Militia Committing 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Iraqi Christians

Iranian-backed militias are forcing Christians out of Baghdad.

Jerusalem Dateline: Tragedy, Miracle As Terror Hits Biblical Heartland 01/29/16

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: miracle in tragedy see this grocery owner use shopping cart to stop terrorists; plus...

Czech Republic Offers Iraqi Christian Refugees a Safe Haven

While Americans debate immigration policies for refugees, the Czech Republic has just welcomed some Iraqi Christian asylum seekers into...

CBN NewsWatch: January 25, 2016

On CBN Newswatch, Jan. 25: East Coast begins cleanup after winter Storm Jonas; Czech Republic offers Iraqi Christian refugees...

Abandoned? Mideast Christians Overlooked in the War on Terror

In the wake of recent terror attacks, the news has been dominated by ISIS, and questions on whether to...

Can We Help Today's Christian Martyrs?

Pope Francis says more Christians are being martyred now than during the early days of Christendom. Advocates are discussing...

CBN NewsWatch: December 2, 2015

On CBN Newswatch, Dec. 2: US to bolster Special Ops in Iraq to fight ISIS; Federal Judge delays trial...

Will Vigil for ISIS Victims Get Pope's Attention?

The Iraqi Christian Relief Council hosted a vigil for victims of ISIS, hoping to get the pope's attention as...

Iraqi Christian Radio Reaches Millions Amid ISIS Threat

Iraq is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for Christians.

Christian World News - August 7, 2015

This week on Christian World News: In the face of the ISIS army, one brave Iraqi pastor is preaching...

News on The 700 Club: August 3, 2015

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug. 3: Senators to vote on defunding P. Parenthood; US welcomes Iraqi Christian...

US Welcomes Iraqi Christian Refugees, with Jail Time

Some Iraqi Christians fleeing the Islamic State sought safety and freedom in America. But instead of being welcomed in...

Christians in Deep Danger: 'We Dare Not Be Silent'

From Egypt, to Syria and Iraq, ancient Christian communities --among the world's oldest -- are under threat of extinction.

Wake Up, World: 'There Is Another Holocaust Under Way'

As the West fails to take action against ISIS, many feel abandoned and alone. But the Iraqi Christian Relief...

Iraqi Christians Flee ISIS, Find Refuge in Jordan

As ISIS continues advancing through Syria and Iraq, its leaving tens of thousands of refugees and shattered lives in...