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Week of Prayer 2016 – Day 1: Dr. David Ireland

A look at CBN's special Week of Prayer service from April 25, 2016 with Dr. David Ireland.

Pastor David Ireland Readies His Weapon

In his new book, “The Weapon of Prayer” pastor David Ireland shares that we can be successful spiritual warriors...

Week of Prayer - Monday April 25, 2016 – Dr. David Ireland

Watch Dr. David Ireland, Pastor, Author and NBA Consultant.

The 700 Club - April 25, 2016

Pastor and author David Ireland encourages the use of prayer as a spiritual weapon. Plus, a family faces tragic...

Pastor David Ireland’s Weapon of Choice

Mega-church pastor David Ireland will discuss his book, “The Weapon of Prayer” that helps us be successful spiritual warriors...

Elevate Your Marriage: Retreat Confronts These 3 Divorce Factors

It takes work to keep a marriage on the right track. That's why one New Jersey church is helping...

Acquitted Irish Pastor Urges Clergy to 'Take Your Stand for Christ'

A Christian pastor from Northern Ireland who was put on trial for "hate speech" says preachers need to be...

Muslim Scholar Defends Preacher's Right to Call Islam 'Satanic'

An evangelical preacher in Northern Ireland is on trial for calling Islam "satanic" in a sermon. Now he's is...

Author David Ireland

Author David Ireland shares about his book, “The Weapon of Prayer."

Actor Patrick Stewart Defends Christian Bakery

Actor Patrick Stewart is supporting the free speech rights of Christian bakers from northern Ireland who declined to decorate...

After Ireland: Same-Sex Marriage Down Under?

Momentum from the recent vote legalizing same-sex marriage in Ireland may be spreading to other Western countries.

Fracking a Hazard or Hope for American Energy?

Many believe hydraulic fracturing is a key component to helping the United States become energy independent. But critics say...

Ireland Divided Ahead of Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Irish voters will decide Friday whether the country will become the first to add same-sex marriage to their constitution...

Israel Boycott Resembles Nazi's 'Judenfrei'

A title wave of anti-Semitism is sweeping across Europe and many European Jews are concerned their countries will sweep...

Harming Kids? Town Residents Say Fracking a Health Hazard

Harming Kids? Town Residents Say Fracking a Health Hazard

Bureaucrats Wrapping Home Schooling in Red Tape

Home-school advocates say that offficials want to brainwash children in public schools and will look for any excuse to...

Bureaucrats Wrapping Home Schooling in Red Tape

Bureaucrats Wrapping Home Schooling in Red Tape

The 700 Club - March 17, 2014

Discover the true story of St. Patrick told by the two archbishops from Ireland. Plus, Robert defined himself by...