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El Nuevo Trabajo de Daise

Daise quedó embarazada sido una niña. Dejó escuela y sueños para cuidar a su hijo. Operación Bendición la ayudó...

700 Club Interactive - Messy Grace - January 24, 2017

Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach, raised by gay parents, shares how to learn to love others without sacrificing your convictions.

Chasing Slow

Author and blogger Erin Loechner discusses the value of slowing down, and how it allowed her family time to...

Hurting Himself to Hurt God

After Yannik lost both parents to AIDS, resentment and anger pushed him into drug addiction and gun trafficking. He...

Bring It On-Line: Grace - January 6, 2017

What does the word Grace mean? What causes me to cry when I pray? Especially when i...

Iowa Church Transformed and Revived by Refugee Outreach

Iowa Church Transformed and Revived by Refugee Outreach

Bethany Williams’ Journey Out of Depression and Into a Warzone

God took Bethany Williams out of depression and into a warzone. After finding healing from her own trauma, Bethany...

El Pozo de Rosa

Rosa Castro y su familia donaron pozos a la gente de India como regalos de Navidad. Gracias a ellos,...

Ana y sus Gallinas

Luego de tener varias gallinas y de que los animales se las comieran, Ana Silvia quería agrandar su pequeño...

Solitary Confinement Quenches Thirst For Acceptance

Dawn felt like she never fit in, and took to drugs and chasing boys to feel like she belonged....

A Visuals Poem About the Grace of God

A visual and poetic journey to find what it is all about – the grace of God

Delivered from Drugs—And Hepatitis Too

Eddie became a Christian as a young man, but bad choices led to addiction issues. After struggling to get...

Bring It On-Line: - October 31, 2016

My husband suffers from sex addiction. Is Divorce okay in this situation? Have I done too many horrible things...

'Fireproof' Actress on New Film: It's Very Similar to 'The Notebook'

'Fireproof' Actress on New Film: It's Very Similar to 'The Notebook'

Balancing The Drive for Perfection

In the midst of running her multimillion dollar business, entrepreneur Emily Ley discusses how she lives by a standard...

Living By A Standard of Grace, Not Perfection

Entrepreneur Emily Ley shares how she balances the drive for perfection while developing her multi-million dollar business.

The 700 Club - October 13, 2016

Entrepreneur Emily Ley tells how to choose grace, not perfection. Plus, a prison sentence leads to a prison ministry.