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Va. Tech Gunman May've Been 1 of 2 Found Dead

Va. Tech Gunman May've Been 1 of 2 Found Dead

Denver and NFL Fans Living for 'Tebow Time'

Denver and NFL Fans Living for 'Tebow Time'

Obama’s Strategic Super Tuesday Press Conference

Super Tuesday was supposed to be all about the GOP candidates, but President Obama stole some of the spotlight...

Brody File Show: Romney Barely Hangs on Ahead of Super Tuesday

This week on The Brody File, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney barely holds on in Michigan. Will he...

Suzan Johnson Cook

Jennifer Wishon heads to the White House for a chat with Suzan Johnson Cook, the woman President Obama tasked...

Jennifer Wishon: A GOP Race Without Bachmann

The Brody File talks to Michele Bachmann about the state of the GOP race since she bowed out, and...

A Tale of Three Wives: Life on the Campaign Trail

While presidential candidates stump and debate, their spouses work behind the scenes, avoiding missteps, providing counsel, and surviving life...

The Brody File: December 20, 2011

This week on The Brody File: one-on-one interview with Glenn Beck, Donald Trump's thoughts on the press, news on...

The Brody File: December 6, 2011

This week, The Brody File is given exclusive access to the Gingrich campaign. Watch as Newt Gingrich and...

The Brody File: February 9, 2012

The Brody File: February 9, 2012

Jennifer Wishon: The Campaign Ahead

The GOP race has been at the center of America’s political universe lately, but that hasn’t stopped Obama’s fundraising...

CBN NewsWatch: December 31, 2010

On Friday's CBN Newswatch with Jennifer Wishon: Soaring gas prices hit travelers hard, atheists criticize a Florida sheriff, Operation...

Razor's Edge: Can Perriello Stage a Comeback?

Two years after Obama ushered in a new Congress, the Democratics are fighting for their survival. Rep. Perriello is...

Faith and Politics: City of Man

Faith and Politics: City of Man

'Frederick Douglass' Republicans Woo Black Voters

Today, Frederick Douglass is inspiring a new movement among conservative African Americans.

Saving the Marshes: La. Fights for its Wetlands

Oil may no longer be flowing freely into the Gulf of Mexico, but remnants of the catastrophe will be...

Gulf Spill 'Solution' Worse than the Problem?

The federal government's ban on deepwater oil drilling is worse than the oil spill and its aftermath.

The Brody File: July 5, 2010

Jennifer Wishon fills in for David Brody this week. Watch Candidate Star Parker, Virginia's conservative Attorney General, and battle...