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Terrorists Target Israeli Diplomats in India, Georgia

Terrorists Target Israeli Diplomats in India, Georgia

Cairo Sending Mixed Messages over Detained Americans

Fate of Detained Americans in Egypt Uncertain

Rebuilding the Temple

Preparations are going on to build the Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

News on The 700 Club: December 20, 2010

As seen on The 700 Club's nationally televised broadcast for Dec. 20, the top headlines from CBN News include...

The Biblical Zoo

The public display of scriptures in the U.S. has sparked debate and even legal battles in recent years, but...

News Channel Morning Edition: November 4, 2010

Watch the Nov. 4 edition of CBN News Channel's Morning News with Heather Sells and Charlene Israel. Top Stories...


christians have a deep connection to Jerusalem. Indeed, Psalm 122 commands believers to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem."...


Christians from around the world traveled to Jerusalem this week to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. the International Christian...

News Channel Midday Edition: September 15, 2010

Watch the Wednesday, September 15 edition of CBN Newschannel's Midday News with Mark Martin and Charlene Israel. Top Stories...

CBN NewsWatch: September 7, 2010

On Tuesday's CBN Newswatch with George Thomas and Wendy Griffith: Uproar over plans to burn the Koran, the holiest...

Holy Place Threatened

Holy Place Threatened

CBN NewsWatch: August 20, 2010

On Friday's CBN Newswatch with George Thomas and Lorie Johnson: Mideast peace talks to resume between Israel and the...

CBN NewsWatch: August 18, 2010

On Wednesday's CBN Newswatch with Mark Martin and Lorie Johnson: More monsoon rain for flood-stricken Pakistan, the NYC mosque...

Ancient Writings

Israeli archaeologists say they've uncovered the oldest written document ever found in Jerusalem. It dates back thousands of years...

Israel: Whose Land Is It?

Gordon Robertson teaches on the biblical principles behind the conflict over Israel.

Record Numbers of Tourists Visit Israel

Tourism in the Holy Land is up 42% from last year and 2010 is expected to be a record...

Christian World News: May 21, 2010

On this week's Christan World News: The call for economic aid to Morocco, a look at Thailand's recent turmoil,...

Exodus 2: More Christians Leaving the Holy Land

More Christians are leaving the Middle East, but perhaps the most alarming exodus is occurring in the Holy Land.